Annabelle Creation (2017) Video Review

Annabelle Creation

I tried my hand at a video review, let me know what you think and which films you would like to see me handle in video format.

New Jack City (1991)

Director: Mario Van Peebles

Writer: Thomas Lee Wright, Barry Michael Cooper (Screenplay)

Starring: Wesley Snipes, Ice-T, Allen Payne, Chris Rock, Mario Van Peebles, Michael Michele, Bill Nunn, Judd Nelson


Plot: A crime lord ascends to power and becomes megalomaniacal while a maverick police detective vows to stop him.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Good Addition to Gangster Genre


Story: New Jack City starts in New York City as the drug war is sky high with drug maverick Nino Brown (Snipes) has a plan to dominate the cities drug trafficking process. When Nino gets complete control over an apartment building where he produces the product holding the resident’s prisoners.

Two years have passed and now Detective Stone (Peebles) wants Appleton (Ice-T) and Nick Peretti (Nelson) to lead an investigation to take down Nino. Hiring former dealer Pookie (Rock) to go undercover due to his tight connection with Nino we are left to see how they plan on taking down Nino.


Thoughts on New Jack City


Characters/PerformanceNino is what you would call a brilliant drug kingpin that fully controls the operation and a threat to the city, he will kill anyone that gets in his way. Scotty is the cop that pushes the limits too often making this battle against drugs personal. Nick is the disgraced cop from another town but doesn’t fit into the neighbourhood but is also just as committed to bringing down Nino.

Performance wise, Snipes does shine in this leading role getting to have a lot of fun with his performance, Ice-T is good but not as convincing to this world, with Judd Nelson giving us as good supporting role. Chris Rock should get praise for his performance which I believe was one of his first roles.

StoryThe story bottles down to the rise and fall of Nino Brown or any other generic crime boss, this is because we have him start his operation and facing enemies from police and other drug bosses. This isn’t the most original story but is a good watch for anyone who is a fan of the genre.

Action/CrimeThe action when needed is mostly wild gun battles that show the chaos the drug wars can cause. The crime side of the story comes from the idea that we are dealing with drugs circulating around the big city.

SettingsNew York City is a great choice for the setting because it shows the different sides of the tracks the people can all come from in this war.

Final ThoughtsWhen it comes to the drug related films I am not the biggest fan but this one is an easy watch for the fans of the genre.


Overall: This is a good addition to the genre that has its place in the gangster history.




The Simpsons Challenge Season 3 Episode 19 – Dog of Death

The Simpsons Challenge

Season 3

Episode 19 – Dog of Death

Couch Gag – This time Homer lays on the sofa with the rest of the family jumping on top of him.

Plot SynopsisThe Simpsons wind up regretting paying for an expensive surgery for Santa’s Little Helper. He then runs away from home, winds up in the animal shelter, and is adopted by Mr. Burns to become an attack dog.

What is going on reallyWe start with the state going mad for the lottery which promises a three figure million prize, Homer buys plenty of tickets with each family member going through what they want if they win, but back home Santa’s Little Helper is very sick.

Learning the price of the operation $750 Homer must explain about Doggie Heaven as the family can’t afford the operation, Homer finally gives in to look into a way of making the operation affordable, but Marge brings the sacrifices the family will have to make.

With the operation being a complete success, the family grows tired of Santa’s Little Helper as the sacrifices they make leave them missing out on things they would have had. Santa’s Little Helper decides to run away going on his own adventure around Springfield.

Mr Burns adopts the stray looking to turn him into the latest attack dog using A Clockwork Orange reference to make this happen. Bart’s determination to find Santa’s Little Helper brings them back together again.

Star Character

Santa’s Little Helper

Final ThoughtsThis is an episode all dog owners will enjoy and understand the problems owning a dog can be when it comes to medical bills, but is an entertaining episode which could be enjoyed by all.

Rating 5/5