The Simpsons Challenge Season 3 Episode 18 – Separate Vocations

The Simpsons Challenge

Season 3

Episode 18 – Separate Vocations

Couch Gag – This time Bart arrives late jumping on the family.

Plot SynopsisThe results of a standardized test steer Bart in the direction of law and order at Springfield Elementary School. However, Lisa becomes so depressed by her results that she turns to juvenile delinquency.

What is going on reallyWe start with Bart and Lisa taking the standardised test to figure out what they should be when they grow up, Bart gets police officers while Lisa gets home marker, which leaves her depressed, crushing her dreams of being a jazz musician.

Bart gets a chance to go on a ride along with Eddie and Lou only to find himself capturing the fugitive Snake understand this is now his dream. On the other side of the coin we see how Lisa becomes the rebellious character.

In a twisted world now Principal Skinner uses Bart new love for the law to recruit him as Hall Monitor cleaning up Springfield Elementary potentially clashing with his own sister.

Star Character

Bart & Lisa

Final ThoughtsThis is one of the strongest episodes we have seen, we get to see how school tests to assign careers are stupid and can take away the focus of the student. We also get a role reverse for Bart and Lisa as well as seeing how Bart is smart enough to know which one of the kids of the family is going to have the brightest future. We also get plenty of police drama and film references.

Rating 5/5


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