Sharknado 5: Global Swarming (2017)

Director: Anthony C Ferrante

Writer: Scotty Mullen (Screenplay) Thunder Levin (Characters)

Starring: Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Cassandra Scerbo, Billy Barratt, Yanet Garcia, Porcha Williams


Plot: With much of America lying in ruins, the rest of the world braces for a global sharknado, Fin and his family must travel around the world to stop them.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Fun Like it Should Be


Story: Sharknado 5: Global Swarming starts as Nova (Scerbo) has gone full adventurer, searching for answer to why the Sharknados appear, her latest adventure finds her in England where she needs Fin (Ziering) to go full Raiders of the Lost Ark parody. This only releases the deadliest of all Sharknados which is now attacking London.

Defeating the storm in London, Fin’s son Gil (Barratt) gets sucked into the storm and Fin joins NATO in the latest defence efforts against the storm that has become a global killer.


Thoughts on Sharknado 5: Global Swarming


Characters – Fin is still the hero, NATO turn to him for help when the Sharknados appear again, but this time Fin is involved to save family using all his skills. April is still now advanced android skilled but now she has upgrades when it comes to fighting the sharknadoes. Nova has returned now and has created her own defence league against Sharknados, studying them to uncover the truth about how to stop them. We have a host of characters appearing in the film to help along the way.

PerformanceBy now we have come to love the Sharknado films for the performance that are not the best, we see everything we expect in the performance which fit the style of the film, this gives us a chance to play cameo bingo with the rest of the cast.

StoryThe story here has jumped the shark but I felt the last on went slightly too far, this one works on the levels you need it too. We have a world tour of shark hunting to stop the sharknados which gets extra moments of laughter. This story will never make sense but is one you can switch your brain off and enjoy.

Horror/Sci-FiThe genres involved here work for the film as they use the horror of sharks in tornadoes and a sci-fi story show how over the top the idea is.

SettingsThis time we have a world tour which does add to the comedy involved in the film as we get to see how culture iconic locations can be used as defensive weapons.

Special EffectsThis is a sci-fi film, you already know the special effects you are getting so just enjoy the fact they add to the comedy.

Scene of the Movie – Sharkzilla

That Moment That Annoyed Me In England they edit a lot of the kills out which leaves gaps in parts of the story.

Final ThoughtsIf you are watching the 5th one of these you know what you are getting yourself into and this is one of the better sequels as we get to have plenty of fun this time around.


Overall: Great addition to the franchise.





Wakefield (2017)

Director: Robin Swicord

Writer: Robin Swicord (Screenplay)

Starring: Bryan Cranston, Ian Anthony Dale, Jennifer Garner, Beverly D’Angelo, Jason O’Mara, Pippa Bennett-Warner


Plot: A man’s nervous breakdown causes him to leave his wife and live in his attic for several months.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Hidden Gem of the Year?


Story: Wakefield starts as Howard Wakefield’s (Cranston) normal day is turned upside down through a serious of events surrounding a power outage, returning home he finds his garage crawling with racoons and in the attic of the garage he gets a perfect view of the house.

Deciding to watch how his wife Diana (Garner) reacts to his disappearance, Howard decides to hide in the attic to watch how life is going without him, this gives us the perfect people watching experience. We are left to see how long Howard keeps this up and he starts to enjoy being away from the responsibilities of life.


Thoughts on Wakefield


Characters – Howard Wakefield is a successful businessman, husband and father but one day he decides to step away from his life and hide in his garage attic, watching his family’s life continue without him. The whole film is told through his eyes, the reasons behind what he did, the looking back at the stories of his life and how he sees moments in his life with him missing. Ben Jacobs is a man that Howard believes is going to start hitting on his wife, Diana is the wife Howard has left to watch over, her strength comes through as she must cope without Howard as she must raise the two children.

PerformanceBryan Cranston is fantastic in this role as we get to see him carry this movie single handled making us want to see every single scene to see what he does or says next. Ian Anthony Dale isn’t as involved as you believe he would be and Jennifer Garner is good in her role which mostly is being watched doing everyday routines.

StoryThe story follows the idea of a businessman, husband and father just walks away from his life to see what wold happen without him. The whole story is told through his eyes as he explains the motives and how he looks at different moments of his life that made him think about changing. This is a film that keeps your attention from start to finish as you just want to know what he will do next.

SettingsA large part of this movie is set within the attic and here we get to see the world that Howard creates for himself, we also get to see the state of things outside this world as he becomes a hobo.

Scene of the Movie – The touching moments with the down syndrome neighbours.

I always get annoyed by one thing in a movie, this is that moment How did nobody at least look for Howard in anyway? I mean we get a report on the news but we never see anyone actually looking around the house.

Final ThoughtsThis must go down as one of the gems of the years, watching Bryan Cranston people watch is a must watch and you just want to know where things will go.


Overall: Gem of the year.




Opinion Battles Round 16 Favourite Musical Film

Opinion Battles Round 16

Favourite Musical Film

Musicals have always left the audience split, we have seen plenty of different types of musical that enter into other genres, we’ve had high school, gangsters, love stories and horror as well as the big one from the 2017 Oscars. The question remains what is your favourite Musical?

If you want to join the next round of Opinion Battles we will be take on What is your Favourite Alfred Hitchcock Movie, to enter email your choice to by Saturday 18th August 2017.

Darren – Movie Reviews 101

La La Land

Yeah, I am still going to pick this film even with all the hate it seems to be getting now, it tells a wonderful love story that shows us just the correct amount of love as it isn’t all about the happy ending but those happy moments. The songs are great and this shows us that we can still get away with enjoying the City of Stars.

Cinema Parrot Disco

The Sound of Music


What’s my favorite musical movie? Oh, this is so tough! It’s tough because it’s between only two but they’re two that I really love: The Wizard Of Oz or The Sound Of Music. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe! Yes. I think I need to choose this one using that method. Here we go: My favorite musical movie is (my mommy told me to pick this very very very best one….) The Sound Of Music! 


Kim – Tranquil Dreams

Singin in the Rain

I live for musicals and I’ve seen a ton and love so many of them but somehow the most magical experience was the most recent when I saw Singin’ in the Rain a few months ago. Singin’ in the Rain may be black and white and done in the 50s but its charm just doesn’t stop. The music is catchy, the characters are charming and it works for everyone because there isn’t just romance but a lot of comedy as well.


Rachel – 54 Disney Reviews

The Sound of Music

My favorite musical is The Sound of Music. In my eyes it is close to a perfect movie. I love the improvements it makes on the original play. I love Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer and their chemistry. I love the story and all the songs. It’s moving, funny and sweet. I just love it


Damien Riley – Riley on Film

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

I love musical movies. It was hard picking one for OB. After some time thinking, I decided there is only one choice as the “best.” That is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. So many classic songs are in it and the singing performances/orchestral arrangements are one of a kind. 


Tom – Plain Simple Tom Reviews

Singin’ in the Rain


For me, no movie comes close (maybe West Side Story) because this is one of the all time greats of musical movies.

So many amazing songs (Make ’em Laugh, Good Morning, Moses Supposes) and incredible moments (Donald O’Connor running up the wall, the iconic Gene Kelly dance number), supported by a solid story about the rise of talking pictures and a trio of charismatic performances.

It also happens to feature one of the best movie romances and overall, Singin’ in the Rain will always be one of the most memorable, emotional, feel-good movie experiences of all time.

Carl Wonders – Listening to Film

Mary Poppins

This was a really tough one but as its one of the must-see films of any childhood, Mary Poppins is perhapsthe best films to come out of the classic Disney era and my choice of favorite musical. The songs by Richard and Robert Sherman are instantly recognizable and Irwin Kostal’s compositions weave the musical threads throughout. Julie Andrews receives a lot of the credit (and rightly so) but the rest of the cast from David Tomlinson, Karen Dotrice and Matthew Garber, and yes Dick Van Dyke (bad accent aside) are all terrific. It’s also a film that appeals to all ages, with aspects of the story that will connect with adults and not be noticed by kids (I only noticed Mr. Banks’ joke about the Boston Tea Party tea being “unsuitable for drinking, even by Americans” quite recently). It’s also a gorgeous film to look at in terms of the sets, costumes, and many examples of the lost art of glass matte painting. With a classic and accessible story that is a bit deeper than you’d think initially and a roster of songs that are at turns emotionally affecting and terrific fun (I dare you to sit still during “Step In Time”) Mary Poppins is my favorite in a long line of terrific movie musicals.

Rob – Movie Rob

Les Miserables

Les Misérables Poster

One of my favorite musicals because the music is superb and the story is extremely moving and emotional. This rendition is spectacular with the entire cast doing a superb job. Jackman, Crowe, Hathaway, Baron Cohen, Redmayne, Seyfield and Bodham Carter each bring the characters to life in their own unique ways. Amazing messages about hope, love, forgiveness, trust and of course freedom ring true throughout. By far, the best film of 2012.

S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason

The Sound of Music

When it comes to musicals, there are so many I love that it may seem hard to choose. But one simply rises above all the others: Julie Andrew’s undeniable classic The Sound of Music. This film really does have everything: iconic musical numbers that easily get stuck in your head; charm and good humor to spare (remember the puppet show?); an instantly lovable protagonist in Andrews’ troublesome nun Maria; two separate romantic threads, one fulfilled, one tragic; and wartime tension as the Nazis close in near the end. There aren’t many movies that I would consider perfect films, but this musical is one of the best.

Emma – Emma Explains It All


Grease Poster

I’m not a fan of musicals at all to be honest. I can easily count on one hand the ones I DO like and I certainly never want to watch one on the stage (again – once was enough).

But, as so many things – there is an exception to the rule. And that is………..Grease.

To be honest – and biased as I obviously am – I don’t really see how any other musical can win this competition. I mean, Grease is the ultimate! We’ve all seen it and maybe I’m stuck in the past, but does anyone honestly dislike it? 

Plus, Danny Zuko. Definitely my first crush.