2017 Watched List – Part 19

2017 Movie Watched List

Movie Watched list are always interesting to read to see what order people watch films in, over the past two years I have started doing watched lists with two different styles to talk about the over 1000 movies I had seen. This year I decided to mix it up once more. This time I will be listing the films in 10 like before and then picking just my favourites on a couple of subject’s I am picking favourites over best because sometimes the best films are difficult re-watches which is why I like the term favourite.

Here is 181 – 190

1.    High Rise

2.    The Discovery

3.    The Maid’s Room

4.    The Landlord

5.    The Unfolding

6.    Space Station 76

7.    The Sweeney

8.    The Faith of Anna Waters

9.    Free Fire


Favourite Film
The Discovery

This is a sci-fi film that makes you think, keeps you guessing and leaves you asking questions at the conclusion, what more could you want from a film?

Worst Film
High Rise

I found this story to be a mess, pointless and just a group of characters in a social experiment. I couldn’t get into this film in anyway.


Any other question you would like to know about the selection feel free to leave a comment and I will answer or maybe even add to future Watched Lists.


2 comments on “2017 Watched List – Part 19

  1. I’m glad I’m not alone on the subject of High Rise…I hated it! I’m sure it had some deep, hidden meaning or something arty like that, but it was a boring, confusing mess to me!

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