Opinion Battles Round 15 Favourite Christopher Nolan Movie

Opinion Battles Round 15

Favourite Christopher Nolan Movie

Christopher Nolan has become one of the most popular and iconic directors of this century, he has given us the stunning trilogy with Dark Knight trilogy, he has tested our minds on multiple occasions. Now he is bought us a war epic in Dunkirk so what better choice of round that to look at this genius directors work, but what is your favourite?

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Darren – Movie Reviews 101


For me Inception is his masterpiece, it tests our minds with the dream within a dream within a dream concept. The cast is amazing, DiCaprio, Page, Hardy, Gordon-Levitt, Watanabe, Murphy, Caine and Cotillard. I have seen this film well over 10 times and could easily sit and watch it over and over again still.

Cinema Parrot Disco

The Prestige


I’m of the very unpopular opinion that Christopher Nolan’s films, though quite good, are highly overrated. There’s only one that I really loved & that’s The Prestige. So I won’t say any more on this topic & annoy people once again with my inability to worship Christopher Nolan. But I do love The Prestige. 😉


Kim – Tranquil Dreams


There’s few directors that can really get your brain moving and get you sucked into a story. Christopher Nolan has a ton of movies under his belt that do it so this was a hard choice but thinking about it in terms of a complex story told unique and amazingly has to be Memento. Can you imagine putting together that story board? It was an art ot watch the story not only get chopped up in snippets the way it did but also work so well to make it meet in the middle and keep it suspenseful along with some powerful characters, Memento is not a movie for frequent viewings but one that will be unforgettable.


Tom – Plain Simple Tom Reviews

The Dark Knight

It may very well be the best superhero film ever and surely in the upper echelons of Nolan’s best films.

Well acted all around (especially from the irreplaceable Heath Ledger), great characters, expertly filmed, a fine score and with a great story full of memorable, exhilarating moments.

Nolan’s magnum opus.


Damien Riley – Riley on Film


My pick would have to be Memento (2000). I love the mystery of it. For my money, that sort of film is more fun than Batman or the others he’s done. I AM looking forward to Dunkirk though. It draws me in because it’s a true story.



Rachel – 54 Disney Reviews


 I love everything about this film. I love it asks questions and is a giant puzzle. 50 people can watch it and all get different ideas about what is happening. I love all the layers and the action and how it all builds together. All the acting is good and I particularly like Marion Cotillard as Cobb’s wife. There is a lot of heart and emotion between the two of them and I find myself more emotionally invested than a typical summer blockbuster. Tom Hardy and Ellen Page are great in their roles and the whole film is highly entertaining.


Rob – Movie Rob

The Dark Knight

Such an amazing film and is still the very best Superhero film made to date. The music pacing and so many other aspects of the film making process are done perfectly by Nolan once again proving how great a film maker he truly is. The cast is superb and they all play perfect pieces of the overall puzzle of the story. Obviously, Ledger stands out in his amazing turn as the Joker which earned him a posthumous Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Was definitely snubbed by the Academy and didn’t get it’s deserved Best Picture Nomination which is a complete farce.


Carl Wonders – Listening to Film


Ten years after Christopher Nolan burst onto the Hollywood scene with Memento, he would write and direct my favorite of his films, Inception. Nolan takes the concept of a heist film and turns it into something incredibly unique and something that I had never seen before. Instead of hand-holding the audience, Nolan drops you into the world of dream hacking right off the bat, as Dom Cobb (played excellently by Leonardo DiCaprio) and his team are attempting to extract industry secrets from a man who will later become their client. Not since The Matrix had I been both utterly baffled and completely intrigued by what I was seeing, and even when the “rules” had been explained to me, I continued to be surprised by the visuals that Nolan puts on the screen. Largely eschewing CGI for practical effects helps the film enormously, especially in famous sequences like the hallway fight with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which was done completely for real. While being a heist film, Inception also functions as an exploration of guilt and the nature of reality, and the ending is perfectly ambiguous about what is real and what is just something dreamed up by Cobb. I can understand why some have issues with the film, but if you like to be challenged by movies and are willing to invest paying attention to everything that happens, few films will reward you like Inception.


Drew – Drew’s Movie Reviews

The Dark Knight


Christopher Nolan has made many great films over his career. While there are many that are crossing my mind, my favorite Nolan film would have to be The Dark Knight. Being a big Batman fan, The Dark Knight has been one of, if not the, best Batman films to date. It fully captured what being Gotham’s hero meant for Bruce, both in and out of costume. Also, you can’t forget Heath Ledger’s brilliant performance as the Joker. The back and forth between these two made for some very suspenseful, exciting and memorable moments. So far, I have not seen a film of Nolan’s that I haven’t liked, and The Dark Knight is at the top of that list. Want to see a magic trick?

Emma – Emma Explains It All

The Prestige

I chose The Prestige because I didn’t like Inception particularly, wasn’t blown away by The Dark Knight aaaaand still haven’t seen Interstellar. 

I did think The Prestige was very clever though. 

S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason


While I’m very eager to see if Dunkirk will change my mind, my favorite Christopher Nolan film right now is easily Inception. It remains one of the few films that I sat through the first time in awe, just letting everything flow over me and letting my mind be twisted in the best way. It can be appreciated on multiple levels: as a heist film, a sci-fi actioner with awesome visuals, a deep dive into broken psyches, and a sweet story of a father’s redemption. Nolan excels at layering his films with meaning, and Inception is his best I’ve seen. (And no, nobody planted that idea in my head. At least, I don’t think so…)



5 comments on “Opinion Battles Round 15 Favourite Christopher Nolan Movie

  1. This is such a tough choice for me. Either Inception or The Dark Knight. Although I love The Prestige too.

    Decisions, decisions…

    … The Dark Knight edges it- Heath Ledger..

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    Be sure to vote for your favorite Christopher Nolan film in Round 15 of Opinion Battles! From his diverse and popular filmography, I had to pick Inception, one of the great mindbenders of all time. Which do you like best?

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