Alien: Reign of Man (2017)

Director: Justin Price

Writer: Justin Price (Screenplay)

Starring: Khu, Torrei Hart, Deanna Grace Congo, Cameron White


Plot: Stranded on a distant planet, a team must fight aliens and activate a machine meant to restore Earth to a time before its downfall.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: The Best Alien Titled Film This Year


Story: Alien: Reign of Man starts with our team Zan (Khu), Reed (White), Constance (Congo) arriving on a distant planet in search for a saviour back home on Earth, while on the planet the team faces a battle against an alien species but the planet itself has its own life as it starts to evolve to defend itself from the human invaders/visitors.

The planet offers plenty of mysteries which our characters must consider before leaving once they become stranded for a time, can they unlock the mystery before it is too late?


Thoughts on Alien: Reign of Man


Characters – Zan is introduced as our heroine, she lurks the planet ready to fight any enemy as she is the deadliest in combat, so the strong female lead sci-fi films have become famous for. Reed is one of the soldiers on the planet, he uses his calmness to prepare for danger but does feel like a character pulled from a Final Fantasy game. Constance is another soldier who gets their ranked questioned by the bigger threat within the movie while the rest of the character do all fit the world created here,

PerformanceLooking at the performances, Khu as the leading lady does work because she does enough to make herself stand out from the rest of the cast, part of my thinking on Reed was that he came from a Final Fantasy game and this is shown in the delivery that Cameron White gives us, I do think everyone in the film does a good job throughout the film.

StoryThe story does put us into a world where humans once again need to find the answers to a problem on another planet, but this story does what other films fail to, it simplifies the bigger questions going on about origins and where humans stand in this world.

Sci-FiThis is a good sci-fi film that makes us look at the bigger picture of space travel and also looking at what could be out there in space.

SettingsThe world created could be as empty as this world we see in this film and it all looks great.

Special EffectsThe effects are clear CGI which is a budget issue but they are consistent throughout to help us understand that we need the computer creations at times.

Scene of the Movie – The evolving planet looks very impressive.

I always get annoyed by one thing in a movie, this is that moment I do think certain elements of the pacing could have been better in places.

Final ThoughtsThis is a smart sci-fi that doesn’t create dumb characters, has a good story line that makes complete sense for the world we are in and doesn’t over complicate the story.


Overall: Enjoyable sci-fi experience.





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