What is Before I Fall Really About?

What is Before I Fall Really About?

This post will contain full spoilers for the film, so you have been warned.

Narration from the character we are meant to be like, telling us she is going to die by the end of the day but in fact she dies the next morning.

Typical teenager doesn’t talk to her parents or younger sister.

So, this is meant to be the nice one of the four annoyingly popular high school students.

Teaching high school students, it is ok to judge people on their image before getting to know them.

Cupid Day, well if Valentine’s Day wasn’t bad enough we have pre, pre-Valentine’s day now.

Mystery stalker but you still go to the party with your clearly asshole boyfriend.

More high school bullying on a student who has problems no one wants to understand.

We are the most popular people at the party so look at us but don’t talk to us.

The boyfriend is too drunk for Samantha’s first time, because doing it after a high school party is going to be ‘Special’

Bully the girl the girls see as different once again, surely, we need to actually like these girls.

She dies lol, wake up and do the day again.

Samantha has a confusion face for a day and still makes the same mistakes.

Why would the high school kids all go to the same party if they hate each other?

Why would Samantha go to this party if she believed she is having déjà vu?

So, I will overlook the idea of it just being déjà vu, but now we are in third day, will Sam learn her lessons? I doubt it.

Pep talk from mum telling her own daughter that she is happy she is a popular bitch, parenting 101.

We are on the third outing of this day and Samantha knows how to deal with repeating days, come on does Groundhog Day not exist in this universe, or any other film, book or tv show about re-living the same day?

The popular high school girl and popular high school hunk have been dating a year and not had sex, I am pretty sure the hunk would have walked away by now.

Repeating the day helps Sam make a new love interest in the day.

Smart decision of not going to the party, meaning she can’t die in the car crash right, wrong.

4 best friends spend more time on their phones than actually talking to each other, well Einstein was right.

The plot thickens, yeah we do have a plot here somewhere, even past the ‘death’ time we learn about what Samantha could change but she doesn’t die, but must re-live the day, could it be time to talk to someone about this?

We need a montage to show the days repeating and how she doesn’t change anything because she cares about her popularity and we lose count of the number of days she is going through even though the plot says it is just a week.

To improve the day Samantha decides to become a full bitch and still not asking for help.

Samantha tells the truth and gets turned into a reject by her friends, well this isn’t going to become anything new, oh look she decides to be nice to the other outcast proving she needs people no matter what is going on in her life.

Besties fight, and the routine of getting one of the side group to help solve the problem and whatever is said is almost forgotten.

Samantha decides to see what sex is like while the bully still takes place, what a girl she is.

Learning to open up to the people outside the popular circle and the people you left behind.

The parents are happy to let both daughters skip school, parenting goals.

Same day, new girl well she is learning at last how to be nicer to the people around her.

Memories, are the things that can never change, yay.

The Truth, You Can’t handle the truth.

I have accepted the day and am happy to repeat it.

Sacrifice and learning after repeating too often.

So wait, she dies and nobody else really learns anything from her experience, I call bullshit on this.

The whole point of this type of story is for the person to change their lives to help others, but all we got was the old friend getting a snog and the depressed girl getting her life saved, the bullies learn nothing, I mean nothing here.





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