Opinion Battles Round 12 Favourite Performance in a Horror Movie

Opinion Battles Round 12

Favourite Performance in a Horror Movie

Horror is a genre that often gets over looked when it comes to award season but it is easy to see just how good certain stars get plenty of chances to return to the genre in the future. Except for Silence of the Lambs who did clean up the Oscars we have had some brilliant performance in recent years.

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Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Essie Davis – The Babadook

Essie Davis is the star of this horror where she must deal with a potential monster lurking in the shadows of her home as she raises her son, but what makes this performance stand out is the fact that we see how her character has to deal with what could be a breakdown with her mental state which would put her own son at risk. The film is considered one of the greatest horrors of recent years and her performance is the reason why.


Cinema Parrot Disco

Jack Nicholson – The Shining


Easy. My favorite performance in a horror film is Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in The Shining. It’s a shame that Stephen King hates the movie! Because I love King & I also love Kubrick’s adaptation. It’s my favorite horror film & Nicholson is so fantastically unhinged. I love him in all films but especially in this & in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Here’s Johnny!


Kim – Tranquil Dreams

Nicole Kidman – The Others

Horror movies are mostly famous for scream queens but a great horror performance comes in the character that they show and in The Others, Nicole Kidman takes her character Grace to a whole new level as a protective mother who is taking care of her two children in a big house when she feels the threats around her and the comfort getting out of balance but at the same time still being the waiting wife for her husband to return from war. Her character is complex and tense and incredibly interesting to watch develop as the plot thickens. The Others is a great thriller in so many ways and Nicole Kidman lifts it even higher.


Rob – Movie Rob

Robert Englund – Nightmare on Elm Street

I’m not the biggest fan of films in the horror genre, but as a kid, I always enjoyed watching the Nightmare on Elm Street films because Freddy Kruger was such a draw as a great villain preying on teenagers who just don’t know how to really stop him.


He was played so well by Robert Englund that no one will ever be able to match that performance no matter how hard they try


J – Film & Nuance

Anya Joy Taylor – The Witch


The Witch was a horror film that I truly loved. It’s psychological, socially and religiously incisive and very thought provoking. Other than beautiful imagery and visuals, Anya Taylor Joy’s Thomasin is the repressed elder daughter caught up in a family drama. Her portrayal of innocence gone awry in the face of conflict and damage rocked my soul. I was left shaken by her brilliant performance and range that breathed light and darkness into the human condition.


Tom – Plain Simple Tom Reviews

Mia Farrow – Rosemary’s Baby


From my favourite horror film, Mia Farrow is a wonderful lead in this; she’s thoroughly likeable and displays a genuine sense of vulnerability and insecurity while she fears for her health and for the health of her unborn baby. She also effectively shows resourcefulness, bravery and truly makes us believe that she’ll do whatever it takes to protect her child.


John – Johnrieber.com

Vincent Price – Theater of Blood

In 1973, legendary Horror Actor Vincent Price let it all hang out in the black comedy “Theater Of Blood.”  Price played the Shakespearean actor Edward Lionheart, who commits suicide after being humiliated at an awards ceremony. Two years later, those same critics who failed to salute his genius begin dying morbid deaths, each one in a manner similar to murder scenes from Shakespeare’s plays.

The film offers Price the chance to chew lots of scenery, and it offers up the great Diana Rigg as his daughter!  Finally, Price uses a number of outrageous costumes – like this!


Damien Riley – Riley Film Reviews

Anthony Hopkins – The Silence of the Lambs

Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter in the Silence of the Lambs is my

favorite horror performance. His steely stare always gets me. Even if

you don’t find the film particularly scary, I think you will agree he

gives the performance above all else in this film. By way of diary

entry, I saw this film in the theaters in my early twenties. I was

much more frightened of horror then than I am now so you will

understand I was looking over my shoulder all night when I got home.

My parents had left for the weekend and I was really frozen to the

couch with frazzled nerves after watching this. That stare …


Emma – Emma Explains It All

Jeff Goldblum – The Fly

I know this is an obvious answer (for me) but it really is my personal favourite. Part of The Fly being my favourite horror film is down to Jeff Goldblum and his great, likable, scary and sympathetic portrayal of scientist Seth Brundle. 


When deciding on my answer for this round a few choices went through my head (and I expect to see Jack Nicholson and Anthony Hopkins pop up here) but ultimately I had to with the performance I enjoy watching the most and that is most definitely Goldblum as The Fly. 


Rachel – 54 Disney Reviews

Audrey Hepburn – Wait Until Dark


I don’t see that many horror movies but my favorite performance in one is Audrey Hepburn as Susy Hawkins in Wait Until Dark. In the film she plays a blind woman who ends up with an item that criminals want. They begin stalking her house and putting her in danger. It is tense and uncomfortable and it works because Hepburn is so vulnerable in the role. You feel like she is a blind woman and her panic at being hunted is palatable. She is quiet and soft where many horror heroines are shrieky and annoying. This is much more suspenseful because we care more about her and feel protective of her as an audience. It’s a great movie and Audrey Hepburn is great in it.

S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason

Haley Joel Osment – The Sixth Sense

Horror films have certainly given us plenty of terrible performances over the years, and most scary movies are so un-character-focused that the acting barely matters. Yet one that has always stood out to me is Haley Joel Osment as young Cole Sear in The Sixth Sense, which also ranks among the best child actor performances. As Cole, Osment nails the paralyzing fear of a child and the uncertain maturity that comes from constantly seeing dead people walking around. It’s a role that could have ruined the film in the hands of a poor child actor, but Osment held his own alongside Bruce Willis and contributed to the convincing atmosphere and overall success of M. Night Shyamalan’s first and best film.

19 comments on “Opinion Battles Round 12 Favourite Performance in a Horror Movie

  1. Reblogged this on Tranquil Dreams and commented:
    Round 12 of Opinion Battles is here! This time, we’re sharing our favorite performance in a horror movie! Mine was really a no-brainer mostly because I love this movie and I love the actress so much. Its Nicole Kidman in The Others.
    There are some great choices here from everyone. Head on over and check them out. Remember to drop your vote in the poll!

  2. I would have liked to have been able to choose Doug Bradley as Pinhead, in ‘Hellraiser’. No love for the great British gore-fest?
    Oh well, I went with Hopkins instead.
    Cheers, Pete.

  3. No Sissy Spacek??? She was soooo stinkin’ awesome in “Carrie.” Of course we have to add Faye Dunaway in “Mommy Dearest” as well. Admittedly it’s not exactly a horror movie in the traditional sense but she was so twisty and evil that the only way she could have stepped it up it would have been if she had been wielding a knife in lieu of wire hangers! 😉 And yes of course Jack Nicholson. He’s the #1 horror shiz king. Love the post!

  4. Great list of some stellar performances. Essie Davis is amazing in The Babadook and I loved Nicole Kidman’s quite but strong presence in The Others. My pick is Najara Townsend in Contracted. If you like The Fly, I do recommend checking it out.

  5. Reblogged this on Rhyme and Reason and commented:
    Don’t forget to vote for your favorite performance in a horror movie! Despite the horror genre’s mixed reputation, the right role can bring out the best in an actor. I went with Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense, for his great performance even at such a young age. Everyone picked something different this round, so there are plenty of good options to choose from.

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