The Simpsons Challenge – Season 2 – Episode 21 – Three Men and a Comic Book

The Simpsons Challenge

Season 2

Episode 21 – Three Men and a Comic Book

Couch Gag – This time we just have the sofa fall backwards with Maggie looking over watching the television.

Plot SynopsisBart, Milhouse and Martin each pitch in to buy an expensive comic book, which soon has a disastrous effect on their friendship.

What is going on reallyThe Simpsons head to a comic book convention with Lisa and Bart both looking for their own comic books to add to their collection.

Bart dresses as Bart-Man a character we will see appear through the show. Bart after his beloved Radioactive-Man and learns the price of the first edition. Bart tries the keep asking technique we have got to know. We also get to see how Homer can’t pronounce famous people’s names with failing to say Michelangelo’s name when referring to a famous artist.

To buy his comic book Bart searches for job to make money including finding himself working for Mrs Glick. When Bart works and gets nothing, he learns that Martin and Milhouse also have the money they agree to put their money together to buy Radioactive Man Number 1.

The problem comes when the boys need to agree to who gets to keep the comic book showing how these ten year olds are not ready for this commitment.

Star Character


Final ThoughtsThis episode tries to teach the lesson about working hard to get what you want however hard it may well be, but it also shows how people can become overly possessive. I feel this episode has the great pace and continues to bring up the ongoing jokes in the show.

Rating 5/5


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