2017 Watched List – Part 10

2017 Movie Watched List

Movie Watched list are always interesting to read to see what order people watch films in, over the past two years I have started doing watched lists with two different styles to talk about the over 1000 movies I had seen. This year I decided to mix it up once more. This time I will be listing the films in 10 like before and then picking just my favourites on a couple of subject’s I am picking favourites over best because sometimes the best films are difficult re-watches which is why I like the term favourite.

Here is

1.    John Wick Chapter 2

2.     The Outsiders

3.     Corrupt

4.     Apollo 13

5.     Nebraska

6.     By the Sea

7.     Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

8.     The Italian Job (1969)

9.     VooDoo

10. Love, Rosie

Favourite Film
John Wick: Chapter 2john-wick-2

A pure action sequel that lives up to the original and continues to build the universe the film takes place in, this role was built for Keanu and you can see how much he enjoys playing it.

Worst Film
By the Seaby-he-sea

This was boring, I don’t want to talk anymore about it.

Favourite Character
Charlie Crooker – The Italian Jobcaine

Charlie is the true wheeler and dealer criminal that is fun to watch getting himself into trouble and then out of them. He also has the most memorable quote of anyone on this list.

Worst Character
Roland – By the Seapitt

Roland is the alcoholic husband of the couple who just drinks, rants, drinks, rants you know this could go on a while.

Star Performance
Bruce Dern – Nebraskabruce

I knew Bruce had been nominated for the Oscar for this role and know I fully understand why, because he was fantastic in this role and you fully understand everything he was going through.

Any other question you would like to know about the selection feel free to leave a comment and I will answer or maybe even add to future Watched Lists.


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