The Simpsons Challenge – Season 2 – Episode 13 – Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment

The Simpsons Challengesimpsons-logo

Season 2

Episode 13 – Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment

Couch Gag – This time we get a small dance number before striking a sitting pose.

Plot SynopsisHomer gets a crooked cable guy to install free cable in the Simpson home, and as a result, Lisa faces an ethical crisis over her family’s stealing.

What is going on reallyHomer gets a chance to get free cable for a small fee from the cable guy, with Homer loving the new channels along with Bart and Lisa both enjoying the new channels.

With the family becoming addicted to the television it is the time for church where Lisa learns about how stealing is bad from the ten commandments and questions the morale choice to use the free cable.

As Homer uses the cable to become popular with his work friends along with Mr Burns even wanting to join him, as the town wants to join Homer watching the big fight but Lisa has nowhere to turn other than Reverend Lovejoy.

Star Character


Final ThoughtsI did like this episode because it shows how Lisa can always be full of good when it comes to the family, this shows she is the moral compass of the family even with Homer trying to do his best with everything. I would also like to point out that this episode gives us a chance to see a large number of the Springfield resident together for what feels like the first time in joy.

Rating 4.5/5



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