We Make Movies (2017)

Director: Matt Tory

Writer: Matt Tory (Screenplay)

Starring: Jordan Hopewell, Matt Tory, Zack Slort, Jonathan Holmes, Anne Crockett, Matt Silver


Plot: A heartfelt and hilarious comedy chronicling the ups and downs of a group of college students who spend their summer making a movie for their town’s Film Festival.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Friendship, Filmmaking and Funnies


Story: We Make Movies starts as we follow the student director Stevphen (Tory) as he goes about preparing for his latest film with his best friend and odd jobber on set or associate producer Donny (Hopewell), the two are being followed by a film crew to learn how this film making process happens.

With his script in place Stevphen heads to his star Garth (Holmes) to recruit him once again, while getting a chance to work with a new method actor Leonard (Slort) and bringing in Jessica (Crockett) while waiting for a leading lady of his choice to come along.

This is a long summer of work preparing for the local film festival filled with plenty of ups and downs.


Thoughts on We Make Movies


Characters/PerformanceStevphen is the controlling ambitious director who believes he is the next big thing in movie making. Donny is the assistant and best friend of Stevphen who comes off very naïve to the world. Garth is the long-suffering star of Stevphen’s movies that just goes along with the idea. Leonard is a new acquired method actor that has high demands, poking full fun at the ideas of what we could see actors demanding silly things to be the star of movies. Jessica is the sent to stay with Donny and grabs the attention of all the guys, she does become the leading lady to keep herself busy for the summer.

Performance wise, I feel all 5 of the main cast all give good performances, handling the comedy which mostly comes in dead-pan style gets executed wonderfully to make us believe on what is going on.

StoryThe story follows the 5 friends as they set out to make a movie over one summer to enter into a film festival, we see the ups and downs, the friendships that will be tested to achieve this. Seeing the film making process taken to a tongue in cheek style works because we do follow the documentary team film the team at work and how things look from the outside.

ComedyThe comedy all comes from poking fun at the film making process, the over the top beliefs we have gotten to know from the star’s stories and everything that could go wrong along the way.

SettingsThe film is all set within the small town as it shows how the friends can work together to have fun and make movies through the long summer breaks.

Final ThoughtsThis was a fun a movie that does get the laughs, while the friends get to show off their creative minds.


Overall: This is one for the fans of comedy movie making.




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