Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017)

resDirector: Paul W.S. Anderson

Writer: Paul W.S. Anderson (Screenplay)

Starring: Milla Jovovich, Iain Glen, Ali Larter, Shawn Roberts, Eoin Macken, Fraser James, Ruby Rose, William Levy


Plot: Alice returns to where the nightmare began: The Hive in Raccoon City, where the Umbrella Corporation is gathering its forces for a final strike against the only remaining survivors of the apocalypse.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Nice Conclusion


Story: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter starts with the real origin of the T-Virus as it was created to save the life of its creator’s daughter Alicia, but the side effects gave us deadly outcome of the zombie outbreak, with the creator’s partner Dr Isaacs (Glen) killing him. We continue the narration for 5 minutes before picking up in Washington DC in the aftermath of a trap with Alice (Jovovich).

We start the main story with Alice taking on a dragon like zombie because why the hell not, right? Alice gets a visit from the Red Queen who offers her a chance to end the zombie outbreak for good and revenge on Wesker (Roberts) who led Alice and her friends into the trap. The mission is to head back to Racoon City and back into the Hive where it all began to release an airborne cure. Along the road Alive finds an old enemy in Dr Isaacs who has been controlling things in what he calls a cleansing mission, leading an army of the undead back to Racoon City. Arriving back in Racoon City Alice finds a new pocket of survivors who Claire Redfield (Larter) has joined as the remaining humans go to war against Isaacs and his army of zombies before looking to finally put an end to zombie apocalypse.


Thoughts on Resident Evil: The Final Chapter


StoryThere are two ways I am looking at the story, the first is in all the positives and that is this does come back to tie everything together in the series and deliver a final instalment the fans can enjoy with plenty of throw backs to the previous instalments of the franchise. On the negative side of the story we don’t have the most original story because it is the same core Alice joins resistance group, ends up leading them in the battle before most die and she must fight an ‘unkillable’ enemy that she can kill. Yay that is the core story which is all fine when you switch you brain off but offers very little new.

Action/HorrorThe action is wildly over the top just like we know, we have bigger action set pieces while the horror side of the film is almost forgotten now in the series.

Characters/Performanceslooking at the characters we all know the Alice story by now, Dr Isaacs and Wesker are both franchise favourite villains and the returning Claire Redfield is all good. It is the new ‘disposable’ character which are mostly all forgettable as we have the tough chick, the one who hates Alice only to grow respect and the tough guy who you can replace with almost anybody.

The performances are all on a par with anything we have seen before with Jovovich showing she is the true star of the show, Gen adding the class in the villainous role with Roberts impressing once again as the emotionless villain. Looking deeper into the cast I felt Fraser James was doing his best Idris Elba impression throughout the film and it is getting worrying to see Ruby Rose continuing to look like she is take the role Michelle Rodriguez is best known for the bad ass chick which she is good at but this is the second time this year.

SettingsBringing all the action back to Racoon City I feel is a good thing, we get plenty of nods to the previous instalments along the way with the use of the settings, I feel this is a good way to end the franchise by respecting each location we have seen Alice must fight through.

Special EffectsWhen we look at the special effects we always find ourselves getting plenty of over the top sequences that all look good throughout as the film sometimes focuses on the effects over the story.

Final ThoughtsThis franchise will always end up going down as one of my guilty pleasures watches, I do like switching my brain off at time and Resident Evil is always going to offer that for me. This isn’t the most original but the action is pure madness so I am happy to enjoy that and paying respect to the previous films I am happy to see too, but I would have liked some of the other characters who were stood ready for war at the end of the last film with Alice appearing in the film.


Overall: Good mindless action film you can fully switch off and enjoy.





Opinion Battles Round 9 Favourite Talking Animal

Opinion Battles Round 9

Favourite Talking Animal

Over the years we have found ourselves cheering for animals in movies, be it animated or live action this has grown our love for these animals over time. We have seen our fair share of good but we have also seen our fair share of sinister villains. Today we will be picking our favourite Talking Animals, but which one made the most sense?

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Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Scar – The Lion King

I have picked Scar from Lion King because when you watch this all singing and all dancing movie it is the character of Scar that makes everything unfold in the story, be it trying to trick Simba into exploring by taking him to the Elephant Graveyard or leading him to the canyon. Yes he is the villain of the story and with the truly sinister voice of Jeremy Irons we get a villain that will always be one that stands out for me through all of the Disney films.


Kim – Tranquil Dreams

Babe – Babe

One of my best memories of 90s movies goes to Babe, the little pig who was adopted by a farmer and eventually trained to do the task of a sheepdog, breaking all the expectations and fighting for his own freedom outside from being sent to the slaughterhouse. Who says a runt can’t do big things, right? Babe is a fun little movie also, full of talking animals who tells us that we can do lots of things as long as we use our heart. Babe doesn’t just herd sheep with aggression like sheep dogs does, but he talks to them and becomes their friend and cares for them. There’s a lot of great messages here bundled all together.


Cinema Parrot Disco

Crush – Finding Nemo


My favorite talking animal in a movie obviously has to be one from a Pixar or a Disney movie. There are so many good ones in those, though, so it was actually really hard to choose! Do I go with a classic, like Thumper in Bambi or Baloo in The Jungle Book? Or a more modern character like Dory in Finding Nemo? What about 101 Dalmatians – I adore that movie but which character out of 101 of them?! 😉 Then there are The AristoCats – I love those swingin’ cats! Okay, I better answer. I’m going to go more modern & choose a Pixar character. My answer is Crush from Finding Nemo. Duuuuuuude. I love that laidback, surfing turtle. I almost chose Squirt because he’s beyond adorable but Crush makes me smile every time. How funny that he’s actually voiced by the director, Andrew Stanton. Sweet creation. Righteous, dude! Gimme some fin.


Rob – Movie Rob


This loveable swine was all the rage in ’95.  The effects are done quite well to make it really seem as if he and the rest of the animals are truly interacting

Gill – Realweegiemidget Reviews

Charlotte – Charlotte’s Web (1973)


This is my first entry to Opinion Battles. which was recommended to me by a lovely fellow film blogger., EmmaKWall.  On writing to Darren, he invited me to add a review on my favourite talking animal in the movies. My favourite talking animal has to be Charlotte the spider in Charlotte’s Web (1973). This film has been made twice – once as a cartoon and once with live animals – although Charlotte was CGI then! Admittedly, I prefer the first cartoon version where she was voiced by the late great Debbie Reynolds (the wonderful Carrie Fishers mum) and not the one with Julia Roberts. Which looks like the further adventures of Babe.


The story tells us about a piglet who is the smallest in his litter. He’s kept and brought up by Fern, the farmers daughter. On hearing he’s going to be killed, he becomes depressed and a lovely wee spider, Charlotte makes friends with him.  Charlotte then tries to save him from the chop (pun intended) by spinning some fantastic webs saying how cool he is. Anyway, without telling you more on the plot I’d advise you to keep the tissues handy as this 1973 spin (pun intended) on the story will possibly get you in tears…



Rachel – 54 Disney Reviews



My favorite talking animal is Babe from Babe and Babe: Pig in the City. Not only is the mixture of real pigs and puppetry perfect in this film but it has so much heart. I love Babe as a character as he tries to save himself and then his friend. Friendship is a heavy theme of both movies including the friendship between humans and animals. Christine Cavanaugh voices Babe and she gives just the right level of cuteness without it becoming cloying. 

Babe: Pig in the City is too different for some folks but that’s what I love about it. It’s a thoroughly unique adventure for our adorable little pig. Give both films a watch and I think you will really enjoy them.


Damien Riley – Riley Film Reviews

Wallace – Tusk

“Your life as you knew it, Mr. Bryton, is over. Should you wish to continue living, you will be a walrus…or you will be nothing at all.” -Howard Howe


Of all the talking animals in movies, I think the walrus in Kevin Smith’s “Tusk” film is the best. We best remember his deep words such as “Oh no no no no” upon the event of his first swim and “Ahhhhhhhh” upon the realization of what he has in fact become. These are samples of spoken word in script that move me so. In going for him, you can in a way help poor Wallace. Those big eyes are looking up at you from a dog bowl. They are saying: vote for Tusk for best talking animal in a film.


Tom – Plain Simple Tom Reviews

Baloo – The Jungle Book

While I’m sure that there’s so many Disney/Pixar talking animals to choose from, surely ol’ poppa bear himself is one of the most lovable. With his laid back attitude and protective nature, he’s the friend we all wish we could have and is voiced perfectly by both Phil Harris and Bill Murray.

And he sure knows how to party – maaaaan!

S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason


While all manner of animated animals came to mind, I had to go with a childhood favorite of mine, which I’m betting few have even heard of. Paulie from 1998 is about a parrot (a blue-crowned conure or parakeet) whose young owner Marie teaches him how to speak, and he turns out to have more intelligence than the average birdbrain. Separated from his beloved Marie, he gets passed from owner to owner over years, trying to get back to her, and the end result is a really sweet and funny film. While Tony Shalhoub and Gena Rowlands distinguish the human cast, Jay Mohr is perfect as the titular bird, full of wisecracking attitude. A lot of the film has to do with Paulie learning when to speak and when not to, so he fits the bill as my favorite talking movie animal.


Emma – Emma Explains It All

Brian – Family Guy

My favourite thing with Brian has to be when he’s being incredibly pretentious and thinks he’s the most intelligent guy in the room. He inevitably embarrasses himself and ends up looking the complete opposite of the dog he so wants to be. His friendship with Stewie, which develops more as each season goes by, is fantastic too and makes one of my favourite TV double acts of all time. 

Carl Wonders – Listening to Film

Donkey – Shrek

Every so often in animation, you end up with the perfect combination of character, animal type, and voice actor. Such is the case with the character of Donkey in Shrek. Eddie Murphy is dead-on perfect for the part, and his being put in a supporting role helps to prevent his antics from becoming annoying (a balance that was lost in later films). He delivers many of the film’s memorable lines (“I’m making waffles!” and his soliloquy on parfaits in particular), and his banter with Shrek throughout is top-notch. When picking talking animals, it’s hard to not go with this “noble steed.”