The Simpsons Challenge – Season 2 – Episode 2 – Simpson and Delilah

The Simpsons Challengesimpsons-logo

Season 2

Episode 2 – Simpson and Delilah

Couch Gag – We get a quick dance number showing they are looking to improve style.

Plot SynopsisHomer lies on a medical insurance form in order to obtain a miracle hair restoring drug.

What is going on reallyWe start with The Simpson family watching television when an advert for hair regrowth which Homer jumps at the chance for his hair back.

Discovering that he can’t afford it we get our first glimpse of Carl and Lenny suggesting that Homer put the product on his health insurance and overnight Homer has full head of hair.

With his new hair, he finds himself getting a promotion and having to find himself an assistant and Karl comes into his life to help improve himself in every way, his attitude, his attire and the way he speaks.

The improvement in Homer make him the star attraction for Mr Burns which sparks Smithers’ jealous who uses his insurance expenses to get rid of Homer but Carl takes the blame before Homer finds himself falling back to his old level in the company with no hair.

Star Character


Final ThoughtsThis episode shows how businessmen can use an image of someone to promote over skills. We also get to see how Homer can’t handle a strong income blowing money quicker than he can receive it.

Rating 5/5


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