Movie Reviews 101 Midnight Horror – Peelers (2016)

Director: Seve Schelenz

Writer: Lisa DeVita (Screenplay) Lisa DeVita, Seve Schelenz (Story)

Starring: Wren Walker, Caz Odin Darko, Madison J Loos, Cameron Dent, Al Dales, Momona Komagata, Kirsty Peters, Nikki Wallin


Plot: A small town strip club owner must defend her bar, her strippers and her life when violent infected patrons show up on the final closing night and all hell breaks loose.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: From Dusk Till Dawn With Infection


Story: Peelers starts as we meet the colourful characters in the strip club, owner Blue Jean (Walker), bouncer Remy (Darko), bartender Tony (Dent) and strippers Frankie (Komagata), Licorice (Peters), Baby (Wallin) and Tina (Gomez).

With this being the closing night the banter between the staff and customers is at a high with local miners attending for the very first time, but it isn’t long until the miners show the signs of their infection with violent consequences. Add in the bad boy son Logan (Loos) we watch as the group of survivors must face ravenous enemies they can’t explain just why they keep coming.


Thoughts on Peelers


Characters/PerformanceBlue Jean as the owner of the strip club works because she also has a past in sports with great respect from her staff, customers and even the law, all I could see was a female Sam Malone from Cheers. Remy is your typical bouncer who is clearly the biggest physical threat within the bar. Logan as the bad boy criminal son of Blue Jean is character that is the screw up but also the rebel without a cause. The strippers all make for a laugh through the film each making sure they are different from the other.

Performance wise I feel everyone is good, Wren Walker is the star of the show while everyone else does their job well enough to make their characters involved in the story.

StoryThe story is easy to follow, with it following the idea that the closing night of a strip club becomes a battle to survive against zombie like creatures. This does create a new origin behind the infection which does feel fresh but the core of this story is easy enough to understand without testing us with any twists or turns along the way.

HorrorWe have a nice check list here,
Over the top kills
Big Body Count
No One Being Safe
Infection causing Ravenous Side
this has plenty of material for all the gore horror fans out there to enjoy.

SettingsThe whole film is set within the strip club which helps us identify with all of the characters in the films and also explain why the characters would be out late at night in the club in the middle of nowhere.

Special EffectsHere is the potential weak point of the film where we get to see the certain moments of special effects looking very low budget.

Final ThoughtsSometimes you just want a film to be fun, this does that on all the levels you need it to be. We get laughs when needed without being a flat out comedy or gore fest.


Overall: Sit back and enjoy the blood bath.




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