Will Reading (2017)

will-readingDirector: Jamie Insalaco

Writer: Jamie Insalaco (Screenplay)

Starring: Jamie Insalaco, Dan Conrad, Greg Vorob, Katie Weigl, Marc Seidenstein


Plot: Friends reunite to join their buddy’s widow in searching the house for money he hid from the IRS.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Laughs Bordering Poking Fun at Twist Bait Thrillers


Story: Will Reading starts as Wendy (Weigl) prepares dinner for her widowed twin brother Wayne (Insalaco) and his close friends Dave (Conrad), Steve (Vorob) and Tom (Seidenstein) to read his final will. The dinner leads to the five re-living the moments they had with Will along with all the different feelings about his death.

Will’s will turns out to be a treasure hunt for the friends to work together to discover what is really in the will as he was covering any money he had from the IRS. As the search continues the truth about Will’s death comes out.


Thoughts on Will Reading


Characters/PerformanceThe characters are all filled with their unique characteristics, Wendy is the widow that has been struggling with the death of her husband, Dan is the one that doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut, Wayne is the laid-back brother, Tom is a doctor and easily fills the calming the storms situation with Steve being the one who spent his life wishing he could have been with Wendy. The five all mix together very well to add to the situation of dealing with the loss and family or friend.

Performance wise everybody is good with their roles reaching the levels of quirky they all need to have to make the characters work.tars

StoryWhat starts out as a look into friendship turns into a search and battle to find the money left in the will, this all makes for a good story that is easy to follow, taking a comic look at the twist bait thrillers. We do get a group of friends that are all easy to understand their motives which helps along the story.

ComedyWe all know by now comedy is very much a hit or miss for me, so any film that gives me a couple of laughs is a success, this film uses plenty of humour I enjoy watching, references to other forms of entertainment with Tom’s solo outside scenes making me laugh the most.

SettingsThe whole film is set inside the home which works for the low budget side of the film and also keeps the events of the movie being over the one night.genre

Final ThoughtsYou want to see a comedy that has moments of quirkiness, pop culture references and a story that brings friends together this one is for you.


Overall: Fun comedy that has laughs through the film.





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