Movie Reviews 101 Midnight Horror – Bornless Ones (2017)

boneessDirector: Alexander Babaev

Writer: Alexander Babaev (Screenplay)

Starring: Margaret Judson, Devin Goodsell, Michael Johnston, Mark Furze, Bobby T


Plot: With the help of her friends, Emily moves to a remote home to take better care of her brother, Zack who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. But what they don’t know is that the house kept a terrifying secret that will haunt them one by one.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Home Made Evil Dead


Story: Bornless Ones starts as we see the evil going on within the house in the traditional opening for horror. We move onto meet our five friends Emily (Judson), Jesse (Goodsell) Emily’s disabled brother Zach (Johnston) who are moving into the cabin with Woodrow (Furze) and Michelle (T) helping with home improvements.

Scene set, characters in the house now let’s get horror underway but first party time. With the mood set for the couple to have fun the spirits of the demon’s target Zach improving his physical state to everyone’s surprise. It isn’t long before the spirits of evil put our characters through a night of torment.


Thoughts on Bornless Ones


StoryThe story here is very simple to follow, four friends in a cabin that must fight evil spirits that want to play with them in what turns into a blood bath. The story feels like another version of Evil Dead attempting the gore of the remake and voice overs of the original. The story has nothing original going on for it but if you want the blood and gore you will not be disappointed.

HorrorBlood, gore and body mutilation well you have all that, scares or suspense didn’t get invited to this party.

Characters/PerformancesWhen you look at these characters they feel like they have been pulled from a ABC of horror with none of them coming off memorable. The performances are sadly likewise with the reaction coming off weak to all of the horror elements going on around them.

Settings – To create the good atmosphere we do have the whole side of the horror happening within the one house which has to go down as a plus for the film, this puts it firmly in the ‘Cabin in the Wood’ genre.

Special EffectsSpecial Effects, well we do have the highlight of the film in these with good low budget effects making us believe the spirits could all in fact be real.

Final ThoughtsWhen you like the horror this will give you blood fans an enjoyable watch, but otherwise the casual fans of horror will struggle through this.


Overall: Simple Evil Dead Reimaging with a new name.




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