2016 Awards – Best New Comer

Through the month of January, I will be looking back on 2016, I will be looking at a range of subjects where I will be picking my best or worst in separate posts.

Today I will be look at New Name in Film. Everyone on this list has been in or directed a film I have seen in 2016, to be on the list it must be the first time I have seen any of these future stars. I would also like to point out this is a list of names in no order or favourites.

New Names;

·         Ajala Bandele (Director) – OMG! We’re In a Horror Movie – This horror comedy puts our character in the position of being aware they are in a horror film as they all look at reaction to how to survive. I believe this film hit all the comedy levels needed to make it great.

·         Ramone Menon (Director) – The Black Tape – This film bought the found footage film back to horror using the idea to make everything work because the film is set around the idea that the tape is made by the killer for people to watch. Taking any horror genre and bringing us something fresh is always hard and Ramone did it with ease here.

·         Harris Demal (Director) – Blood Rush – This thriller shows our character Nicole having to face the reality that she is stuck not only in this position but also stuck in a moment in life. This film show that Harris can make us get attached to a solo character who has to carry the film.

·         Stella Maeve (Actress) – Blood Rush – Stella is the leading star of this movie that has to be great to make the film work and with this performance Stella carries the film in the solo role with ease. Stella could easily be a name to watch out for in film over the next few years.

·         Bethany Orr Excess Flesh – Bethany shines through this body shock horror movie that is shocking from start to finish.

·         Neel Sethi The Jungle Book – Neel is the young Mowgli that is travel through the jungle, we see this young future star show just how good he is when it comes to dealing on a CGI created world.

·         Paul Logan The Horde – Paul comes into the movie to be the leading action star of the film, we get to see just how good he is in a film designed to show of all his combat skills.

·         Annalise Basso – Captain Fantastic & Ouija: Origin of Evil – Annalise gives us two great performances through the year with the highlight in Ouija in the leading role but her supporting roles in Captain Fantastic works brilliantly for the family.

My favourite

Ajala Bandele (Director) – OMG! We’re In a Horror Movieomg

I am picking this director because the film still sticks with me and took horror comedy away from parody spinning it into the idea the characters know they are inside a horror movie for the laughs which works from the first to the final shot of the film.





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