Most Anticipated Films of 2017

Most Anticipated Films of 2017

The year is 2017 and the Blockbusters look like they have piled up thick and fast throughout the year, after last years attempt to pick the films I was looking forward too I made a horrible mistake with y number one pick so this year I want to make amends. I will be having a long honourable mentions list without reasons and then the top 10 with why I am looking forward to them.

·         The Mummy

·         Justice League

·         Spiderman: Homecoming

·         Alien: Covenant

·         Baywatch

·         IT

·         Star Wars: Episode VIII

·         Jumanji

·         The Dark Tower

·         Blade Runner 2049

·         Kingsman: The Golden Circle

·         The Hitman’s Bodyguard

·         Resident Evil The Final Chapter

·         A Dog’s Purpose

·         The Snowman

The 10

10) Wonder Womanwonder

I want to see if DC can finally give us a great movie and this will be the first female lead superhero film this should be great.

9) John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick: Chapter 2 Poster

John Wick was easily one of the surprises when it came out and now part two we can only see great things coming from the franchise.

8) The Lego Batman Movielego

This film looks so much fun take all the piss out of the over saturated superhero market and can get away with so much without being crude about it.

7) The Fate of the Furiousfate

Where will the franchise go now the Brian character has been retired, we are promised bigger yet again but just how far can they go this time?

6) Loganlogan

This is meant to be the final chapter of the Wolverine saga and it looks bold, badder and bloodier than we have ever seen, will the R rating help this be the mega success it needs to be.

5) Thor: Ragnarokthor

Thor is my favourite member of the Avengers simple as that I like how his stories can go beyond Earth and then can still go on to make things go in any direction. They also keep comedy in the story add in Loki and Hulk we have everything we want until they added Doctor Strange which takes this down a few places for me.

4) Dunkirkdunkirk

Christopher Nolan check, war story check, amazing cast check, an unknown acting ability given a key role in Harry Styles let’s see what he can do. This could be the biggest and best war film since Saving Private Ryan.

3) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2guardians

The killer soundtrack, the fun action, BABY GROOT, what more do I want from this film that is the closest to Star Wars we get from Hollywood.

2) Kong Skull Islandkong

This is the beginning of what could be something very special when the mighty Kong gets bought back to us before we move onto potentially see him take on Godzilla.

1)  War for the Planet of the Apeswar

Rise and Dawn have been breath-taking now the third chapter the war can only be even better, right? Woody Harrelson takes the lead human villain too so I can’t help but be hyper excited about seeing this one.


4 comments on “Most Anticipated Films of 2017

    • it could be argued that is DC mess up again the ‘superhero’ films could be the worst year because people already are too into Thor, i never really see Guardians as superhero and Spiderman we have seen enough already

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