Anthony Hopkins Weekend – Bad Company (2002)

badDirector: Joel Schumacher

Writer: Jason Richman, Michael Browning (Screenplay) Gary M Goodman, David Himmelstein (Story)

Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Chris Rock, Peter Stormare, Gabriel Macht, Kerry Washington, Adoni Maropis


Plot: When a Harvard-educated CIA agent is killed during an operation, the secret agency recruits his twin brother.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Fun Action Comedy


Story: Bad Company starts as we see CIA agent Kevin Pope (Rock) working undercover trying to get a nuclear weapon under the guidance of Officer Oakes (Hopkins) but the mission goes terribly wrong as Kevin is killed.

Not wanting all the work to go to waste Oakes is assigned to train up Kevin’s twin brother Jake Hayes (Rock) a street hustler to replace the brother he never knew he had. Going through the training process Jake learns just how dangerous this cover up really is, as we watch how the dealer Adrick Vas (Stormare) and Jake meet for the deal that could help save the world from a nuclear attack.

Bad Company is an action comedy that follows a pretty generic formula for a CIA let’s do a deal movie to save the world. We gets to see Chris Rock go to his fast talking reaction of a poor man entering a rich mans world comedy which gets very tiring after the first couple of times. This is a fun film for what it is without being one of the greatest of all time.

Chris Rock is fun with both roles even if he does get repetitive after a while, Hopkins is good as the senior member of the team but you are left wondering if this was a slight miss-cast when you look at what he is meant to be doing. Stormare is as always reliable for a foreign deal maker but doesn’t get the screen time required to enjoy the role. As for the female roles go in this film they barely get any serious screen time at all.


Overall: Simple and enjoyable action comedy that works for a relaxing movie experience.




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