What Did I Miss in 2016?

What Did I Miss in 2016?

2016 had a massive selection of movies released and of course even after seeing too many I still have a list of nearly 100 that I missed, I am not going to do a list of the 10 or 20 that I want to see in any order this is just the list of the ones I will be watching as soon as I can and this would explain why they are not in any of the awards choices coming up through January.

A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls Poster


Baskin Poster


Fences Poster

High Rise

High-Rise Poster


Jackie Poster

La La Land

La La Land Poster

Manchester By the Sea

Manchester by the Sea Poster


Moonlight Poster


Passengers (2016) Poster

Patriots Day

Patriots Day Poster

The Boy and the Beast

The Boy and the Beast Poster

The Founder

Lion Poster

The Shallows

The Shallows Poster


Lion Poster

Hackshaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge Poster

Your Name

Your Name Poster


Arrival Poster

Which movies did you miss that you wanted to see most from 2016?


3 comments on “What Did I Miss in 2016?

  1. I missed “Arrival” which I am dying to see. My family keeps promising they will go to see it with me, that I shouldn’t go by myself, but then they always come up with excuses. I want to know why I can’t go see a movie by myself – at least I would actually get to see it, but they say it is kind of pathetic for me to go to the movies by myself. But I say it is better than not going at all. So I think I will lie and say I am going out to a fabric store (which no one will volunteer to accompany me to) and sneak off to the movies instead.

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