New Years Bonus Review – The Covenant (2017)

covDirector: Robert Conway

Writer: Robert Conway, Owen Conway, Christopher R Smith (Screenplay)

Starring: Monica Engesser, Owen Conway, Clint James, Sanford Gibbons, Maria Olsen, Shawn Saaverdra, Richard Lippett


Plot: After the tragic deaths of her husband and daughter, Sarah Doyle moves back to her childhood home with her estranged brother, Richard. It’s not long before Sarah begins to experience supernatural phenomena of a violent and hostile nature. Bewildered and desperate, Richard enlists the aid of a paranormal investigator who confirms that Sarah has become possessed by a powerful demon. Together, the three men will go to battle to save Sarah’s soul.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Possession Film Done Right


Story: The Covenant starts as Sarah Doyle (Engesser) buries her daughter with her husband blaming her before killing himself. Needing to start a new life she moves back home with her brother Richard (Conway) after years of no communication between the two.

While Sarah still grieves in her own way it leaves the doors open for a supernatural spirit to enters her leading Richard to search for help with Father James Burk (Gibbons) being the first option, but when he can’t help he sends Father Francis Campbell (James) to help with the possession she is facing.


Thoughts on The Covenant


StoryThe story shows how grieving person can become an easy victim for an evil spirit. The story keeps us guessing because we get different characters getting ideas of what is happening which gives us plenty of reasons to stay invested in what could be happening with the outcome of this story I did like this over most possession films which I will be honest are not my favourite sub-genre of horror but this one puts everything together to work staying shocking and entertaining throughout.

HorrorWhen it comes to the horror you have the possession side of the story being shocking in places with the blood and gore coming through very strong when needed to add to the shock value. There may well be a few easy scares going on in this film but they all work out well for us the audience.

Characters/PerformanceThe characters are the usual victims for the possession genre of film with the emotional broken women becoming possessed with the caring loved one this time brother looking for answers, we also have the one priest that is too scared while the one who battles the evil is not scared of anything he battles. The performances are all strong in their own way with Engesser as the victim giving a strong horror performance.

SettingsThe film is most set within the house which shows that the spirit has found its own home that is meant to be a family home that never had the terror when they were young. While the house isn’t used for any pivotal scenes it keeps everything together for the shock and horror in the story.

Special EffectsThe special effects all come off great in this film showing us the quality use in make up to make each scene feel shocking throughout.

Final ThoughtsStrong possession film that is one of the first I have enjoyed for a while that is shocking, bloody and horrific all mixed together.


Overall: Easily one of the better possession films in recent years.






What Did I Miss in 2016?

What Did I Miss in 2016?

2016 had a massive selection of movies released and of course even after seeing too many I still have a list of nearly 100 that I missed, I am not going to do a list of the 10 or 20 that I want to see in any order this is just the list of the ones I will be watching as soon as I can and this would explain why they are not in any of the awards choices coming up through January.

A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls Poster


Baskin Poster


Fences Poster

High Rise

High-Rise Poster


Jackie Poster

La La Land

La La Land Poster

Manchester By the Sea

Manchester by the Sea Poster


Moonlight Poster


Passengers (2016) Poster

Patriots Day

Patriots Day Poster

The Boy and the Beast

The Boy and the Beast Poster

The Founder

Lion Poster

The Shallows

The Shallows Poster


Lion Poster

Hackshaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge Poster

Your Name

Your Name Poster


Arrival Poster

Which movies did you miss that you wanted to see most from 2016?

Anthony Hopkins Weekend – Fracture (2007)

ractureDirector: Gregory Hoblit

Writer: Daniel Pyne, Glenn Gers (Screenplay) Daniel Pyne (Story)

Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling, David Strathairn, Rosamund Pike, Embeth Davidtz, Billy Burke, Cliff Curtis, Fiona Shaw, Bob Gunton


Plot: An attorney, intent on climbing the career ladder toward success, finds an unlikely opponent in a manipulative criminal he is trying to prosecute.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Solid Courtroom Thriller


Story: Fracture starts when Ted Crawford (Hopkins) finally challenges his cheating wife Jennifer (Davidtz) about her affair before shooting her, Ted is a genius so he has been planning this for a while now and has come up with the perfect cover as the man who she was having the affair with is a negotiator for the LA police department Rob Nunally (Burke).

We got onto meet Willy Beachum (Gosling) who is a high rising lawyer working in the District Attorney Office under Joe Lobruto (Strathairn) who doesn’t think Willy should take his new job offer.

When one of his final cases see, Willy having to go against Ted the two find themselves having to go face to face in the courtroom as Ted decides to represent himself. What looks like an easy case soon becomes Willy’s biggest test of his career against one of the smartest men on the planet but who will come out on top?

Fracture is a crime mystery thriller turned cat and mouse style courtroom drama which follows the genius trying to show off against a young hot shot lawyer, sure we have seen this before but the fact we 100% know how guilty Ted is really tips the scales here. The case does take a few twists and turns along the way but it is the lengths that Willy will go to win this case against his own career.

The cast shine with Hopkins versus Gosling is delightful to watch whenever they go against each other on the screen. The supporting cast really don’t get the chance to shine like the lead two which does disappoint in places.


Overall: Courtroom thriller that does it’s best to keep us guessing without that final punch needed.




2016 Thank You

2016 Thank You


2016 has been another great year for Movie Reviews 101, we achieved our goal of daily film reviews with a mix of Blockbuster, indies, classics and Independence Day Resurgence. I have loved being able to see all the different movies even if I didn’t enjoy all of them.

Opinion Battles has another great year with a brand new Champion in Table 9 Mutant from Cinema Parrot Disco. We will be returning with a new selection of questions, you are also all welcome to come and join in too.opinion battles

On the bigger front I started a podcast with Damien – Riley on Film, Kira – Film and TV 101 Becky – Film Music Central that is 30 episodes strong called Talking Stars Podcast which can be found on I-Tunes or Here

I hope this year will be even bigger and better with a brand new feature starting in February.mysteery

Thank you all for reading, commenting and just visiting and Happy New Year to you all.thank you

2017 Anticipated Countdown #31 Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

2017 Anticipated Countdown

Through December I am going to look at 31 films I am looking to watch in 2017, some I am looking forward to and others I want to see where the film idea will go next.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Poster

Main CastChris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Sylvester Stallone, Bradley Cooper

Reasons I want to see

·        The first was my favourite Marvel film, can this continue the fun?

·        How will the villain do in this one?

·        Will we learn more about Starlord’s father?

Will it be successful? This will make money with ease.