2016 Watched List Part 46

2016 Watched List

I did a watched list last year and now I have decided to make a slight twist on it all, I will continue to do a list of the order I watched them all but I will also rank the 10 films from worst to best. So here is the list, what do you think and how do you rate this films.

Here is 451 – 460

1.       Fantastic Four (2005)

2.       Idle Hands

3.       Fracture

4.       The Fourth Kind

5.       The Number 23

6.       Julia

7.       Martyrs (remake)

8.       Red Heat

9.       The Interns

10.   Tidal Wave

This is how I rate these films from worst to best.

10) Martyrs (remake) martyrs
Terrible pointless remake.

9) Idle Hands idle

Poor horror comedy.

8) Tidal Wave tidal

Poor Disaster film.

7) Julia julia

Stylish sexy revenge thriller.

6) The Fourth Kind fourth

Horror that pushed the boundaries of what could have been real.

5) Fantastic Four 2005 fan

Fun superhero film but nothing more.

4) Red Heat red

ABC odd couple action comedy.

3) The Number 23number

 Thriller that keeps you guessing.

2) Fracture racture

Thriller where we know the truth early on.

1) The Intern intern

Underrated gem from 2015.



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