Swiss Army Man (2016)

writtenDirector: Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert

Writer: Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert (Screenplay)

Starring: Paul Dano, Daniel Radcliffe, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Antonia Ribero, Timothy Eulich, Richard Gross, Marika Casteel


Plot: A hopeless man stranded on a deserted island befriends a dead body and together they go on a surreal journey to get home.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: One Hell of a Strange Film


Story: Swiss Army Man starts as we meet Hank (Dano) stranded on a deserted island about to end his life before a dead body washes up. When Hank learns of the farting this body possess he goes on an adventure to safety with the dead body which he names Manny (Radcliffe).

As the adventure continues Hank starts having full conversations with Manny as the abilities that Manny possess become lifesaving chances for Hank to get back to the life he once lived.

Swiss Army Man is a film that is very difficult to describe what I just watched. The story is easy to follow as long as you switch off any sense on what is going on. The whole thing comes off very unique but I can see how certain people will look at this film and wonder just what the hell this really is about. This film will get a following but really it is just weird and not my cup of tea.


Overall: Slightly confusing and weird movie that is too much for even me.





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