Movie Reviews 101 Midnight Halloween Horror Franchise – Tremors 5 Bloodlines (2015)

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Plot: The giant, man-eating Graboids are back and even deadlier than before, terrorizing the inhabitants of a South African wildlife reserve as they attack from below-and above.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: The Best of the Sequels


Story: Tremors 5: Bloodlines starts as we see Burt Gummer (Gross) is the host of his own survivalist show when he gets a brand new cameraman Travis (Kennedy) who wants to turn Burt into a bigger brand. When Erich Van Wyk (Janks) approaches Burt about sightings of ass blasters in South Africa.

Arriving in Africa the pair team up with Johan Dreyer (Auret) a man who has come into contact with one of the creatures. We learn Dr Nandi Montabu (Thusi) is looking after the park but once Burt sees the what they are up against being something bigger than ever seen before.

Tremors 5: Bloodlines brings us Burt back for the first time in 11 years and back to the character we love, he has taken the natural evolution with the entry into reality like show which his celebrity status would make happen. Taking the action to Africa has the ups and downs because Perfection is the iconic setting but Africa offers more threats in the open world, it also gives us a chance to enter into the spiritual side of the creatures. Having yet another evolution of the creatures also works and this time I feel we get the first feeling of actual terror being used in the franchise.


Actor Review


Michael Gross: Burt now has his own television show on survival finds himself wanted by the African wildlife to deal with their own graboid problem. When in Africa he finds himself fighting a new breed of creature deadlier than before but even worse for him he faces up against his first true human enemy. Michael is good in this role being the character you would expect at the older age.

Jamie Kennedy: Travis is the new cameraman assigned to Burt, he is very cocky and experienced in the world. His style clashes with Burt which is again designed to create some comic relief through the film. Jamie is good in the serious role but in the comedy side of the falls short.

Pearl Thusi: Dr Nandi Montabu is the vet running the area where the graboids are attacking, she is loyal to her wildlife and has a daughter in this world. She has to fight to save her own town. Pearl is good in this role but we barely see her with Burt in the battle.

Brandon Auret: Johan is the local hunter that joins Burt in his hunting trips, he is very loud and full of himself which will put himself in danger. Brandon does make for a funny character without being used well enough.

Support Cast: Tremors 5: Bloodlines has a good supporting cast you would expect to see in this film with no one standing out.

Director Review: Don Michael Paul Don does a good job directing this film make the horror reach levels the franchise has never achieved.


Action: Tremors 5: Bloodlines has plenty of action with a lot being on the hunting side of the story.

Comedy: Tremors 5: Bloodlines does try to force in a couple of jokes in that don’t seem to work on the same levels previous films have had.

Horror: Tremors 5: Bloodlines is easily the most terrifying of the franchise with the creatures coming off scary each time you see them.

Settings: Tremors 5: Bloodlines does well moving the settings to Africa because there are a lot of different creatures in the wildlife that could be threats other than just the graboids,
Special Effects
: Tremors 5: Bloodlines uses good effects throughout to make the creatures come off scary for one of the first time.

Suggestion: Tremors 5: Bloodlines is one to watch if you liked the original, it is bar far the best of the sequels. (Watch)


Best Part: Creatures are actually scary.

Worst Part: The comedy feels slightly forced.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: Not yet

Post Credits Scene: Yes


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 39 Minutes


Overall: Easily the best sequel to the fun franchise that enters into the horror genre more




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