Top 5 Favourite Danny Boyle Films

Danny Boyle is one of the best directors in the business today and he has tackle a full range of genres in his 22-year career. Today I am going to pick my five favourite films of his career and my first disclaimer is that I have never seen Trainspotting.

5. Trance (2013)trance

This crime mystery keeps us guessing through hypnotherapy that is going on making us guess what is real or what is not as we see the story unfold.

4. Shallow Grave (1994)shallow

In Danny’s first directed work we get to see all of his skills as a director being able to handle the tension building throughout.

3. Slumdog Millionaire (2008)sulmdog

The Oscar winning movie to his name that tells the unbelievable story of how one teen wins a game show and has to explain how he knew all the answers from his life experiences.

2. Sunshine (2007)sunshine

Stepping into the world of sci-fi without getting into an extra-terrestrial villain but instead tackling a human problem when the sun is dying, this story follows our astronauts with the last chance to save humanity facing morale decisions which could change human history.

1.       28 Days Later (2002)28 days

28 Days Later brought a brand new look to the zombie genre with the rage zombies that simply don’t stop. We get beautiful shots of the English countryside left abandoned following the outbreak.




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