Top 5 Favourite Childhood Cartoons

Growing up we all watched cartoons right and now these shows are no longer around. So today I am going to walk down memory lane and look at five of my favourites.

5. Card Captorscardcaptoros

This Japanese anime was about a young girl who had to capture creatures and put them back into a mystical book.

4. The Hurricaneshurricanes

The Hurricanes was following a football team that always had to go up against the odds to win their latest game. This is all fun and helped my love for football.

3. Rugratsrugrats

The adventures of Tommy Pickles and his friends were so fun back in the day and even with all the twisted fan theories of the show still comes off fun.

2. Pokémonpokemon

We all wanted to be the very best when we followed Ash on his adventures. This show also gave the me a game which took up plenty of my time too.

1.       Scooby Dooscooby doo

Scooby Doo is the show I can still watch now and it really is a show that I wanted to grow up and live like, going around solving mysteries.


5 comments on “Top 5 Favourite Childhood Cartoons

  1. Ah, nostalgia! Haven’t heard of The Hurricanes (probably British, right?), but I watched all the others back in the day. Last year’s Goosebumps movie actually reminded me a lot of Card Captors.

  2. Great list!! I loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Queen’s Nose (not a cartoon I know), Rugrats, Playdays (when I was really young!), Seseme Street, Biker Mice from Mars, Sharkie & George……..I could go on lol.

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