The Final Project (2016)

finalDirector: Taylor Ri’chard

Writer: Taylor Ri’chard, Zachary Davis (Screenplay)

Starring: Amber Erwin, Teal Haddock, Arin Jones, Robert McCarley, Evan McLean, Charles Orr, Leonardo Santaiti, Sergio Suave, Jejuan Walker


Plot: Six eager students strike out to explore and record live footage of supernatural activity at an abandoned plantation, but one unsettled spirit gives them more than they asked for.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: How to Not Make a Found Footage Film


Story: The Final Projects starts by making it clear this is footage found from six university students who went into a haunted plantation before flashing back to meet the students in 2009. We see Misty (Erwin), Anna (Haddock), Genevieve (Jones), Ky (McLean), Jonah (Santaiti) and Gavin (Suave) who have to work with Charles (Orr) filming the project for one night in the plantation.

After dealing with all the student dramas and preparations for the night we are over 40 minutes into the film. When the students start seeing themselves being split up they find themselves trying to escape the ghosts inside the plantation.

The Final Project ends up following all the problems with found footage films, horrible shaky camera work terrible build up because nearly an hour of this film is preparation and the film is only an hour 20 minutes so you can work out how short the horror side of this film actually is. The scares are mostly just banging on doors and really all comes off like a complete mess. There isn’t a single scare in this film and this is everything you see that makes found footage film questioned.


Overall: Total mess really.





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