Announcement – Opinion Battles Year 3

Opinion Battles Year 3

Opinion Battles is back once again and with a fresh selection of rounds. We are calling for anyone interested joining our current contenders to see who just has the best Opinions on films to come and join us. For more details, email

The rules are going to change slightly this year and are as follows,

·         1st get 12 points, 2nd gets 6 Points and 3rd gets 3 points, if more than one person picks same choice they will both get points but it there is a tie the points will be split.

·         We want to see the Favourite or Least Favourite over Best or Worst.

·         If you win a round you will get a chance to pick a subject for future years.

·         I will allow late entries but can’t guarantee when they will be added to the poll.

·         If you want any reviews linked back to your site I am happy to set them up if you send them, you can also send your own pictures if you chose too.

·         All your sites will be linked to your own site if you want just your own sites name let us know.

·         Each poll will be open for 5 weeks.

·         You can come and go through the year if there are subjects you don’t wish to answer.

·         You are welcome to pass on Opinion Battle to anyone else that might well be interested.

·         All Battles will be fortnightly posted on Monday at 12GMT, with the results on the weeks without a new round.

8th January 2017 – Round 1 – Favourite Nicolas Cage Role?

22nd January 2017 – Round 2 – Favourite Oscar Winning Best Actor Lead or Supporting Performance?

5th February 2017 – Round 3 – Favourite Film From 2015

19th February 2017 – Round 4 – Least Favourite Oscar Winning Best Actor Lead or Supporting Performance?

5th March 2017 – Round 5 – Favourite Video Game Adaptation?

19th March 2017 – Round 6 – Favourite Film Released in 1987?

2nd April 2017 – Round 7 –  Favourite Performance in a Comedy Movie by a Non-Comedic Actor?

16th April 2017 – Round 8 – Favourite Car Chase Scene?

30th April 2017 – Round 9 – Favourite Talking Animal?

14th May 2017 – Round 10 – Favourite Asian Language Film?

28th May 2017 – Round 11 – Which Film Should NEVER Have Had a Sequel and Stay Stand Alone?

11th June 2017 – Round 12 – Favourite Performance in a Horror Film?

25th June 2017 – Round 13 – Which Animated film would you NEVER like to see made into live action?

9th July 2017 – Round 14 – Favourite Tom Hanks Role?

23rd July 2017 – Round 15 – Favourite Christopher Nolan Movie?

6th August 2017 – Round 16 – Favourite Musical Movie?

20th August 2017 – Round 17 – Favourite Hitchcock Movie?

3rd September 2017 – Round 18 – Favourite High School Movie?

17th September 2017 – Round 19 – Least Favourite Book adaptation?

1st October 2017 – Round 20 – Favourite TV show to Movie?

15th October 2017 – Round 21 – Favourite Ghost Film?

29th October 2017 – Round 22 – First Choice Halloween Horror Marathon Pick?

12th November 2017 – Round 23 – Favourite Post-Apocalypse Film?

26th November 2017 –  Round 24 – Favourite Thanksgiving Film?

10th December 2017 – Round 25 – Favourite Film From the year 2000?




4 comments on “Announcement – Opinion Battles Year 3

  1. Great selection of topics for next year! I just had a few questions:
    For favorite Asian language film, does that exclude anime?
    Does favorite talking animal include the abundance of animated choices?
    And what exactly is the Halloween Horror Marathon Pick?

    Looking forward to the next set of rounds with a clean slate!

    • Yeah no anime we have covered similar subjects before
      Animal can be animated
      And if you had to pick a selection of horror film for Halloween what would you pick first and yes I know you are not the biggest horror fan which makes this all about how someone will accept horrorvelements in films

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