Laps (2016)

lapsDirector: Chad Diez

Writer: Chad Diez (Screenplay)

Starring: Art Hall, Rachae Thomas, Nicky Endres, Daisun Cohn-Williams, C Ashleigh Caldwall, Michael Siegel, David L Murphy


Plot: An overweight man meets a former classmate on their high school track. As the two grow close and inspire each other, their pasts creep back into their lives and begin to threaten all that they have developed.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Brilliant Capture of Real Relationships


Story: Laps starts as we meet our slightly overweight leading man Nathan Lane (Hall) and yes named after the actor, he has been trying to get back into shape as he meets his former high school classmate Stephanie (Thomas) at the track where the two bond as she teaches him the best way for exercising. With months passing we see the change in Nathan and the friendship growing between the two.

We see how both have lived their own lives which has led to bad relationships with them both become parents which they can both see past but it is their own lives which could bring this new relationship down or make it stronger?

Laps gives us two of the most natural leading characters in modern day romantic comedy, we have two people in Nathan and Stephanie who have either made mistakes or been victims of mistakes who are just everyday people looking to improve themselves while also dreaming of a way out of their ordinary lives. We see how they keep each other company which takes away these dreams as the company gives them the happiness they desire. While I did love the realistic characters in the leading role we do get the comic reliefs in the best friend’s role and in the ex’s we get what feels like the image both would hate if they met them first time. As many of my friends and readers know I am a huge fan of 500 Days of Summer because of how real the characters are and this movie does that to those levels.


Overall: Real relationships shown in the light we should all see them for.





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