Tpo 5 Favourite Olivia Thirlby Roles

Olivia Thirlby in a young actress that has appeared in supporting roles in a couple of the most popular films in her early career, while I have to see her make the step to leading lady she has the supporting character down perfectly.  Today I am going to look back at the early stage of what will hopefully be a much longer career at five of my favourite roles.

5. Sophie Montero – Uncertainty (2008)


4. Natalie – The Darkest Hour (2011)darkest

While I can safely say this isn’t the most original or best horror films the film does have some of the most shocking death effects of any film and Natalie is one of the group of Americans partying in Russia when aliens attack. Natalie comes off as the kind good natured of the two girls showing how she can play the leading lady in horror with what is a good all-around cast with Emile Hirsch, Rachael Taylor and Joel Kinnaman.

3. Anderson – Dredd (2012)dreed

Dredd is a film that got universally loved but just failed at the box-office. Anderson is the supporting officer to the Judge and while Karl Urban and Lena Headley do steal the film it is the Anderson’s uncertainty to how far she will go that shows just how good the Judge is at his job.

2. Nicole Carol Miller – United 93 (2006)united

While this film isn’t about any individual performance Olivia got her first acting role according to IMDB with her role in this film about the devastating day.

1.       Leah – Juno (2007)juno

Juno is one of the most popular films from 2007 and the Oscars nominations it got proved this, Leah is Juno’s best friend that gets most of the funny scenes with a friendship that feels natural throughout. Olivia may not be on the cover but when you look at the names there you feel now she could easily be added to how important she is to this film.


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