2016 Watched List Part 35

2016 Watched List

I did a watched list last year and now I have decided to make a slight twist on it all, I will continue to do a list of the order I watched them all but I will also rank the 10 films from worst to best. So here is the list, what do you think and how do you rate this films.

Here is 341 – 350

1.       500 Days of Summer

2.       40 Days and 40 Nights

3.       The Perfect Husband

4.       Killer Robots! Crash and Burn

5.       Raze

6.       50/50

7.       Finding Dory

8.       Friend Request

9.       Inception

10.   What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

This is how I rate these films from worst to best.

This selection has been nearly impossible because I watch 3 of my favourite all time movies this week.

10) Raze raze Poor action horror that comes off hard to follow.

9) The Perfect Husband perfeect A horror that takes too long to reach the important moments.

8) Friend Request friend Social network the horror movie, simple and effective.

7) 40 Days and 40 Nights 40 Sex comedy that is very one sided.

6) Finding Dory dory Not on Pixar’s best level.

5) Killers Robots! Crash and Burn killer Uniquely Bonkers movie.

4) 50/50 500 My go to film when feeling down that is something I could watch over and over.

3) What’s Eating Gilbert Grape whats Touching and chamring drama about small town America and taking a chance.

2) 500 Days of Summer 500_summer_posters1 This is not a love story but a story about love, this sums up the normal look at relationships so well.

1) Inception inception It is one of my favourites if not my favourite how can it not be number one?



4 comments on “2016 Watched List Part 35

  1. Decent list of films!

    Inception is one of my favourite films of all time too.

    40 Days and 40 Nights was a film I enjoyed when I was younger,. I’ve not seen it for years, might have to check it out again..

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