Mommy’s Box (2016)

mommyDirector: Johnny Greenlaw

Writer: Johnny Greenlaw, Caitlin Scherer (Screenplay)

Starring: Johnny Greenlaw, Bill Sorvino, Carly Brooke, Joseph D’Onofrio, David Harris, Fina Scarda, Jennifer Dorcic


Plot: A 30-year-old man denying his past is forced to confront the lingering influence of his mother after her death.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Enjoyable Drama


Story: Mommy’s Box starts as we see young Nick being giving a safety deposit key by his mother (Scarda) to open if anything was to happen to her. We move forward to see the adult Nick (Greenlaw) and his brother Joey (Sorvino) who have gone their separate ways but when their mother dies they need to come back together for the funeral.

Nick has to face his past that he has been avoiding for years making up for the time he missed the family occasions and see that his life hasn’t gone the way it could have but the people he left behind also have their problems.

Mommy’s Box is a light hearted comedy drama which looks at how lives can go separate ways only to be bought back together through tragedy. We also get to see how even though these friends could be in their separate lives when they are able to push themselves back into the strongest direction. This film ticks all the boxes for going back to a previous life to reconnect and see how others are struggling like them without going truly outside the box.


Overall: Easy to watch drama that shows how lives can change so easily for better or worse.




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