Top 5 Favourite Tom Hardy Roles

Tom Hardy has become one of the hottest and most wanted men in Hollywood now, but it would be fair to say he has had his fair shares of hits and misses along the way. Today I am going to be picking my five favourite roles and however great I do believe Mad Max Fury Road is I don’t think Tom add enough to the Max character.

5. Ivan Locke – Locke (2013)okce

This film is following Locke as he has to make up for one mistake he made, we only follow him as we watch his life come undone.

4. John Fitzgerald – The Revenant (2015)revenant

John comes off as the villain of the piece where he leaves Hugh Glass for dead after the bear attack. He does make the right decisions to survive but he comes off very sneaky.

3. Bane – The Dark Knight Rises (2012)bane

Bane is the main villain of the film taking over Gotham and breaking the Batman. While some people dislike how difficult it is to understand but the opening sequence is amazing and bar far one of the best entrance in the superhero genre.

2. Eames – Inception (2010)eaes

Eames is only a supporting character but he steals every single scene he is in.

1.       Tommy Conlon – Warrior (2011)warrior

Tommy is the former soldier that turns to his alcoholic father to train him to enter an elite UFC competition but has to face his brother who needs the money for his family. This is one of the most intense and powerful films out there.



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