Top 5 Favourite David Arquette Roles

David Arquette has had one of the most up and down careers in Hollywood today, he has been involved throughout one of the most popular horror franchises as well as playing some of the most over the top characters out there. Today I am picking my favourite five performances of his career.

5. Muff – The Trippertripper

Taking the chair behind the camera this is more of a cameo on screen performance.

4. Carter – Airheadsairheads

In what is only a small role this performance stole most of the scenes he appeared in.

3. Gordie Boggs – Ready to Rumblegordie

Gordie is one of two obsessed wrestling fans who hero gets betrayed by the company he has been the face of for years only for him to fight to get his favourite back to the top of the mountain. This is such a fun over the top performance that only the wrestling fans will enjoy.

2. Deputy Dewey – Scream Franchisedeeye

Dewey is the big brother of one of the students and has to lead the investigation into the murders going on in the town, he comes off like a bumbling idiot but is loveable till the end.

1.       Chris McCormick – Eight Legged Freakseight

Chris returns home after years away only to find his town becoming overrun by monstrous spiders. This is the perfect over the top performance from David that is fun throughout.



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