Class A (2016)

classDirector: Stephen Gaffney

Writer: Stephen Gaffney (Screenplay)

Starring: John D’Allesandro, Aaron Blake, Michelle Audrey, Joe Byrne, Callan Cummins, Saoirse Doyle, Ryan Gaffney, Ryan Lincoln, Justine O’Rourke


Plot: Two drug dealers get blackmailed by a corrupt detective.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Dark Look Into Drug World


Story: Class A starts as we meet our two drug dealers Vinny (D’Allesandro) and Warren (Blake) who have a reputation around town of producing the best product around, people know not to cross them. Soon they learn of a new more profitable way to spread their product as they rise to new levels.

Their operation gets compromised when a corrupt cop enters into their business trying to force the drug deals into working for him eating into their own profits. We watch Vinny as he plans to keep control of his own business keeping his personal life away from his business.

Class A is a raw look into the drug dealing world as we see how smoothly the operators gets handled by Vinny. While I am not a fan of the drug world I did enjoy how the story gives us the full circle of how things can go from being on the top to being about to crash. We do get to see how Vinny the leader is smart enough to keep his two lives separate while others involved in the story only live the one life where we see mistakes happen.


Overall: This is a great raw look at the drug dealing world with each scene feeling as if it is from an everyday event.





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