Halloween Party (2016)

hallowenDirector: Linda Palmer

Writer: Linda Palmer (Screenplay) Mark Cardone, Betsy Morris, Linda Palmer (Story)

Starring: Chris Pentzell, Christine Blackburn, Elle Newlands, Frank Gangarossa, David Banks, Andrea Leithe, Danny Pardo, Skyler Cooper, Jennifer Popagain, Elina Madison


Plot: Ben and Julie’s annual Halloween Party is about to go off the Richter scale, when their single, high maintenance girlfriend drags in a homeless guy, thinking he’s a party goer, because SHE needs an escort. Not only has she dated everyone there; unbeknownst to her, Ben has invited her lame ex-boyfriend in hopes of reuniting them. As she spends the night avoiding her ex, and the other undesirable guys in attendance, she interacts with a colorful assortment of party peeps. Between disappearing fortune tellers and over crowded jacuzzis, she questions if real love is even possible. The irony; the only person she’s the least bit attracted to, is the homeless man!


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Good Social Commentary


Story: Halloween Party starts as we see Ben (Pentzell) and Julie (Blackburn) planning their famous Halloween party. One of their most important guests is Erin (Newlands) who they want to help meet a guy in a party which is mostly couples and we watch how the party unfolds and see how everyone acts at this social occasion.

We get to see how Ben and Julie use their hidden cameras to learn all of their friend’s secrets and behaviour at their party while all dealing with personal problems.

Halloween Party gives us a good social commentary on how different people at different stages of their lives deal with the party scene and even though we get to deal costumes hiding their true identities. The story works for comedy because we get to see how everyone can act differently as they get older and not having all the characters in the early twenties shows us just how everyone can enjoy themselves in the right party. I will say this film won’t be one of the most memorable but it does everything you need it to do.


Overall: Fun social commentary that is an easy watch.





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