Broken (2012)

brokenDirector: Rufus Norris

Writer: Mark O’Rowe (Screenplay) Daniel Clay (Novel)

Starring: Cillian Murphy, Rory Kinnear, Robert Emms, Zana Marjanovic, Clare Burt, Bill Milner, Denis Lawson, Eloise Laurence, Lily James, Tim Roth


Plot: The story of a young girl in North London whose life changes after witnessing a violent attack.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Compelling Drama


Story: Broken starts as we follow Skunk (Laurence) a young girl that live on a London Estate with her father Archie (Roth) and brother Jed (Milner). Arriving home, she witnesses her friendly but mentally challenge neighbour Rick (Emms) attacked by thug of the neighbourhood Bob (Kinnear). Skunk has a Polish carer Kasia (Marjanovic) who is in a relationship with smooth talking teacher Mike (Murphy).

We watch how Skunk ha to deal with preparing to start a new school and how she witnesses the neighbour’s behaviour in what is a coming of age tale within the big city estates where danger could be around any corner in the eyes of this little girl.

Broken is a drama that I do feel the original synopsis really doesn’t give us the true story. looking at how the story unfolds shows just how families can be seen struggling with their own lives. This is all compelling to watch as we do see how they do deal with moments that happen. I did enjoy how the stories all connect and unfold to make you wonder which part will happen next.


Actor Review


Eloise Laurence: Skunk is our young girl just about to start secondary school, she lives in a London estate and finds herself witnessing a violent attack on men she respects. She finds herself falling in love for the first time as well as having her heart broken while witnessing the problems in others’ lives. Eloise is brilliant in this role showing all her potential.

Cillian Murphy: Mike is one of the teachers in the school Skunk is starting in but also has a previous relationship with the family as he was dating her carer. He tries to keep the relationship professional at school while also dealing an accusation that could ruin his career. Cillian is good in this role showing he doesn’t need to be the main part in any film.

Tim Roth: Archie is the father of Skunk who has raised his kids alone always doing what is best for them. He uses his lawyer skills to help out Mike when he is going through his troubles. Tim shines in this role as the calm caring father.

Rory Kinnear: Bob is the over protective of three troublemaking girls, he acts with violence before finding out any of the truth. This leads to him getting into trouble but also being a neighbour from hell. Rory is good in this role.

Support Cast: Broken has a mix of supporting character with each doing a great job making this feel believable throughout.

Director Review: Rufus NorrisRufus gives us a brilliant debut showing all the emotion needed to make this story unfold.


Drama: Broken shows us the drama of life through many complex stories unfolding through the story.

Romance: Broken gives us a look into the young love and how adult relationships are viewed by a young mind.

Settings: Broken keeps nearly everything set within in the small estate where all the families all live in.
: Broken is one I do think people should watch. (Watch)


Best Part: The performances are brilliant.

Worst Part: The drama won’t be for everyone.


Believability: Certain part could be.

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes


Overall: Compelling and powerful drama.




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