Top 5 Favourite Edward Norton Roles

Edward Norton is an actor that burst on the scene in 1996 with his Oscar nominated performance in Primal Fear, he has gone on to be very selective with his choice but has picked some of the most interesting and intense roles. today I will be picking my favourite roles of his career. I will be starting by saying I loved the performance as Scout Master in Moonrise Kingdom.

5. Eisenheim – The Illusionist (2006)illuionist

When we had two heavyweight magic based films we do get an easier but more fairy tale style film in this where he plans his own revenge on the Prince.

4. Worm – Rounders (1998)rounders

Worm gets our hero into trouble with how he gets too involved underground poker world.

3. Monty Brogan – 25th Hour (2002)hour

Monty spends him last day sorting out his affairs before having to serve his prison sentence. I do love the scene where he goes through the different people of New York city.

2. Derek Vinyard – American History X (1998)x

Derek is a Neo-Nazi that finds out there is more to life when he finally learns the errors of his ways but just too late for his own redemption.

1.       Aaron – Primal Fear (1996)aaron

Aaron is accused of killing a highly respected priest but it the truth that will shock you in this film.


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