Top 5 Favourite Chris Hemsworth Roles

Chris Hemsworth is the Austrilian actor who burst onto the bug screen in 2009 and in what is only a short career has go onto take on a mixed group of roles working with some of the best directors in the business today. I will be looking at my five favourite roles of his career to date.

5. George Kirk – Star Trek (2009)kirk

In what is his first big screen role we get to see Chris take a small role as the legendary Captain Kirk’s hero father who gave his life to save everyone on his ship. While this is only a small role it did get people talking about him.

4. Curt – Cabin in the Woods (2012)curt

Curt would be considered the alpha male in the horror film which does take a twist against the normal, the interesting part about this film is it was held back for a couple of years before actually being sold on his name.

3. Owen Chase – In the Heart of the Sea (2015)heart

This was one of the few misses in Chris career but his performance and commitment to the character can’t be questioned with all the weight loss needed compared to his Thor character.

2. Thor – Thor (2011 – 2018)thor

Thor is the Norse God of thunder who enters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is involved in the light hearted films but his character bought the best villain to the piece.

1.       James Hunt – Rush (2013)hunt

James Hunt is of the greatest Formula One drivers the world has ever seen whose rivalry with Niki Lauda is one that people still talk about today. In this film we get to see the rivalry become a friendship after the horrific injury Lauda suffered during a race as the two battled for the World Title. Chris entered this role giving a performance many people questioned whether he could pull off and coming off flawless.



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