Opinion Battles Round 16 Favourite Batman Villain

Opinion Battels Round 16

Favourite Batman Villain

Suicide Squad is hitting the cinema with a host of Batman enemies getting their own film, we always need a good villain to go up against the Dark Knight and we have had plenty to pick from.

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Darren – Movie Reviews 101


Scarecrow first appeared in Batman Begins and was his first appearance in film universe, this was a risk to do because in the reboot we could have just jumped in with a more iconic villain for the non-comic book fans like myself could relate too. Scarecrow isn’t even the lead villain in this film but his scenes come off as the scariest in the superhero genre and the idea that he could be a doctor who is really out there doing this without having any powers, strengths or money funding him. I will also bring up the fact the game Arkham Asylum gives us the most terrifying moment in the game.

Kim – Tranquil Dreams



I’m not much of a comic book connoisseur but from the movies, my favorite villain has to be Catwoman from Michelle Pfeiffer’s portrayal or Anne Hathaway’s.  Catwoman is not full on villain but she has a lot of vengeance and she’s a little crazy but she’s got some sweet cat-like moves.  Maybe none of these are concrete reasons but I’m always a little excited to hear when Catwoman gets a spot in a movie. 


Cinema Parrot Disco

The Joker


Favorite Batman villain? Damn… I’m not some big Batman fan so I’ll have to go with the obvious: The Joker. My first real exposure to Batman was as a teen when Tim Burton’s Batman came out. I was already a Jack Nicholson fan & I absolutely loved his Joker and really geeked out over his character for a while. I think Christopher Nolan’s Batman films are overrated (sorry!) but I do like The Dark Knight thanks to Heath Ledger’s fantastic performance as The Joker. Had it not been for Heath, I really wouldn’t care about Nolan’s trilogy at all. So, yeah – The Joker has actually been my favorite thing about all the Batman movies I’ve seen so that’s my answer. 🙂


Richard – The Humpo Show

The Joker


There was only one choice for me. The Dark Knight is also one of my favourite all time films, let alone Batman film. And a lot of that is down to Ledger’s Joker, who is perhaps the most well known villain now due to the untimely death of Ledger. This role of his has gone in history as one of the best, and he is now synonymous with the Joker. Not much to add, as I’m sure plenty of others will say everything that was perfect about Ledger’s Joker. 


Tom – Plain Simple Tom Reviews


“It’s not about what I want, it’s about what’s FAIR!”

I think that the character of Harvey Dent/Two Face is fascinating. I love his unique, skewered view of justice, that it’s ultimately all about luck and that flipping a coin to decide the fate of his victims is unbiased and fair. His central motif of duality is so fascinating and this makes him one of Batman’s more interesting adversaries.
As for movie portrayals, I’m mainly referring to Aaron Eckhart’s excellent portrayal of Dent in “The Dark Knight”; even though he spends most of the film as Gotham’s white knight, his transformation into Two Face is really wonderful, mesmerising and is one of the story’s most intriguing developments. I just wish that we could have seen more of Eckhart in that particular role.
Also, the character design and associated visual effects are extraordinary – it is an absolute joy to see him on screen.


Daniel – Dellens 456


While I’m assuming that everyone will pick the Joker because he is a great character, I am at the bottom of the leader board so might as well just go with my fav, Two-face (Harvey Dent). Two-face turned evil when a mob boss threw chemicals at his face causing a horrific scar. He uses a coin to decide if he will be evil or not. I love how unpredictable he is because his next action can be determined by a flip of a coin. This could make him the most dangerous villain from Batman because one minute he could be having a nice, calm conversation with and the next minute want you dead.

Anthony – Poetry, books, movies and music




I know everyone will say the Joker, but I’m going with Bane played by Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Returns. Why? It is because he is one of the few foes Batman faces in any of the Nolan movies or the movies that came before it that actually gave Batman a true physical challenge. The Joker, Ra’s, The Scarecrow, and others were more mental foes, but with Bane Batman/Bruce Wayne actually had an opponent that could kill him with his bare fists. He also put Batman out of commission and made him watch as he destroyed Gotham. To me that makes him a great foe. He broke him and then mentally tortured him. There wasn’t a villain in any of the movies that did that to him. Just my two cents.

Drew – Drew’s Movie Reviews

The Jokerjokr

My favorite thing about Batman’s film and TV history is that each version of Batman has its own unique version of the Joker. The Adam West Joker is different from the Jack Nickolson Joker, which is different from Mark Hamill’s animated Joker, which is different from Heath Ledger’s Joker from the masterpiece that is The Dark Knight, which is different still from Jared Leto’s latest incarnation of the character.  Each actor has brought their own spin on the character, giving each generation their own version of Batman’s most notorious villain.  Since no two Jokers have been alike, you can’t really compare them which you can’t find with most adaptations of characters.  This versatility of the character is why he is my favorite Batman villain.

S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason

The Jokerjokr

While Batman has no shortage of memorable nemeses, it’s hard to argue that his most famous would have to be the Joker. Such a crazy role seems to bring out the best in whoever plays him, whether Cesar Romero in the original TV series or Mark Hamill and his gloriously insane laugh in the animated series and several movies. While everyone always goes to Heath Ledger’s posthumous Oscar-winning turn as the character, the dark, grungy interpretation of the Joker loses some of the character’s sense of humor. As far as cinematic Jokers go, Jack Nicholson wins in my book. Nicholson always shines in crazy roles, and his plastered grin is an unnerving reflection of his twisted sense of humor. The comedy and menace are perfectly balanced for me, such that Nicholson totally overshadows Michael Keaton’s Batman. Tim Burton’s original film is also one of the few places where the Joker gets somewhat of an origin. For all Ledger’s harping about his scars, Nicholson’s iteration always seemed like the definitive live-action version. (Mark Hamill rules too, though.)

Rob – Movie Rob

The Jokerjokr

Health Ledger’s performance as The Joker has raised the bar so high for Batman villains that I think it’ll be quite a long time til someone is able to top it. He got so into the role and was able to find that thin line between psychotic and genius. He is one of only two actors to have been able to get a posthumous Oscar and this performance really was an amazingly creepy one.

Emma – Emma Explains It All

The Jokerjokr

For me its between the Joker and the Penguin and I’m going to go with…..the Joker. Obviously Heath Ledger’s performance and take on the zany character was pretty legendary but even going back to the old TV show from the 60s, the Joker stands out most in my memory with his chalk white face and bright red lips. I’m prepared to admit I’m not the biggest Batman fan but I AM a fan of creepy clowns (or a close approximation), so the Joker wins it for me. 

J – Film & Nuance

The Jokerjokr

Joker is essential to an understanding of the batman mythology. There can be no discussion without the inclusion of the clown prince of gotham. Despite his craziness which we all love to indulge in, there is a more profound symbol which he represents-The duality between Joker and Batman himself. The themes explored within their relationship deals with how they are fundamentally the ‘same’. Both are coping with trauma in their own ways. Batman represses and transforms his rage into vigilantism. Joker completely lets go of everything,turning the world’s cynicism into a bag of laughs that soothes his pain. He’s not a haunting character because he’s crazy. He’s haunting because he shows us how we too can be crazy. In a life where one can be in another’s place, or be hit by the merciless and unfortunate turn of events(a powerful theme that shapes batman villains), Joker is perhaps the greatest metaphor the Batman universe has ever created.





  1. Thanks for posting me as a late entry Dazza my friend 🙂 and wow I reiterate Tom’s comment lol, at least you didn’t have to go google searching for image to go with my late entry ha ha.

    • I do think The Joker is the BEST enemy for the Batman but i do find him more chaos only. I love the scenes with the Scarecrow which come off full blown horror.

      • The Scarecrow is a fantastic choice! I toyed with him a little too and Two Face as well. But ultimately, going back to my childhood as well, I had to go with one of those two and Joker is pretty cool! I do think Scarecrow is a great choice though and love Cillian Murphy! (that is him right?)

  2. Reblogged this on Tranquil Dreams and commented:
    Its time for Round 16 of Opinion Battles! Its all about our favorite Batman villain. Of course, I chose to be extra unique and pick Catwoman who is kind of a villain but I love her the best. Regardless, its no doubt that I think the choices are great and everyone was as I expected with The Joker being a fave.
    Drop by and check out the other choices and vote!

  3. Too many Jokers in the room. I know he is Batman’s main villain, but there are other great ones besides him. I know Heath did a great job, but Jack was great for that Batman movie. Just saying.

  4. Quite a limited list with only five to choose from unless it is just villains from the Nolan films. I’d like to see the Court of Owls, Clayface or Poison Ivy maybe. Joker is too overplayed and a little boring at this point.

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