Opinion Battles Open Invitation

Opinion Battles Wants Youopinion battles

Opinion Battles give you a chance to pick your favourite of a range of subjects be it from a certain genre, performance or award decisions. We do also take a look at least favourite but now we want to hear your choice too.

We have a great selection of players with new players joining nearly every single round and this is your open invitation to join in for the second half of the year.one of us

If you want to join send an email to moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk for more information.

We look forward to bringing you into the competition and if you want to pick a subject feel free to suggest anything for us to try.


16 comments on “Opinion Battles Open Invitation

  1. I love that picture you chose SO much, perfect!!!

    I hope more people do join in, everyone loves giving their 2 cents in the comments section lol so I always tell people to vote or get involved!! 🙂

  2. Emma, you’re so positive! I love that. Thank you.

    Darren, Opinion Battles on the podcast sounds like a great idea, let’s start thinking about it for the future, who knows maybe the one we’re doing this week?!?

  3. I should add thatt I have enjoyed doing your Opinion Battles on your blog. They always forc me to think about who is the best etc. I recall doing my favorite Stephen King film a while back. It was Silver Bullet. I got a lot of agreement in the votes. More peopleshould come out and try it, it’s a great way to meet some new bloggers too.

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