What is Foolproof Really About?

What is Foolproof really about?foolproof

This is just a fun look at the film and will be filled with spoilers.

This is 2003 film before Ryan Reynolds ruined some of our favourite comic books so he is still innocent to us all.comic book characters

But we do forgive him after Deadpool.deadpool ryan

Ryan Reynolds doing exercise practising his running, well that didn’t take the ladies long to get happy.fitness

Three friends play heist in their free time, well this is different I guess.best friend

Ryan Reynolds is play the wise taking ladies’ man like the pro he is.pro

Team who make Foolproof plans have their plans stolen and used making them suspects.lst plans

Bad guy is called Mr Gillette, now I feel like shaving well I say feel what I mean is I need to.gilette

The three are the Best a Man can get, ok this was bad.best a man get

I’m not going to prison cliché.prison

We do the job and now we have to watch a preparation montage, yay.prepartion

Twist in the story which we will learn about latter in the film.plot twist

British villain has a dark side but know he needs the friends for the heist.british villain

Rat scares member of the team cliché.rat

Getting the job done with seconds to spare cliché.time t os pare

The old hairspray to reveal the lasers routine.laser

Yet another cliché, this film really is just a series of clichés.clihces

Betrayal well we knew it was coming so don’t act surprised here.surpsires

You’ve been framed.framed

Happy ending.happy




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