2016 Watched List Part 23

2016 Watched List

I did a watched list last year and now I have decided to make a slight twist on it all, I will continue to do a list of the order I watched them all but I will also rank the 10 films from worst to best. So here is the list, what do you think and how do you rate this films.

Here is 221 – 230

1.       Kindergarten Cop

2.       Captain America: Civil War

3.       Daybreakers

4.       Shadow of the Vampire

5.       Jack the Giant Slayer

6.       Whiteout

7.       The Atticus Institute

8.       Doubt

9.       Frankenstein (2015)

10.   I Survived a Zombie Holocaust

This is how I rate these films from worst to best. This is yet another tough selection as I enjoyed most of these.

10) Whiteout whitoeout Crime thriller in Antarctica yay.
9) Jack the Giant Slayer casting card Better than I thought fantasy film.
8) Daybreakers daybreakers Solid twist on the vampire world.
7) The Atticus Institute attisucs Documentary style horror film that does have good moments.
6) Doubt casting card Maybe the best film acting wise on this list but a difficult watch.
5) I Survived a Zombie Holocaust i survived Zombie horror comedy that is a lot of fun.
4) Shadow of the Vampire shadow Dark twist on the making of a classic.
3) Frankenstein (2015) casting card Very impressive look at the classic novel through the eyes of the monster.
2) Kindergarten Cop copVintage Arnie in action comedy what he does well.
1) Captain America: Civil War casting cardThe best Avengers movie to date.



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