Top 5 Favourite Supporting Sitcom Characters

Sitcoms are something that always get people talking with so many coming and going with a blink of an eye. I only watch a few shows with most not being around anymore so today I am going to look at my favourite supporting characters in sitcoms. Most of the characters on this list will have been in most of the episodes in the run too. I am starting with an honourable mention of Marshall Ericksen from How I Met Your Mother who gets the serious moments the Barney character doesn’t get often enough.

5. Linda – Beckerlinda

Linda is the nurse working in Becker’s office, she comes off very dumb and always has an excuse when she gets caught in the middle of something she shouldn’t be doing. The fact I watched nearly every single episode of Becker shows just how enjoyable this Ted Danson led comedy was.

4. Stuart Bondek – Spin Citystuart

Stuart is one of the members of the Mayor’s office who comes off as a pervert who is good at his job, one of the on running jokes is how he can’t work with woman and his friendship with gay Carter and married Paul always give the show extra laughs.

3. Woody Boyd – Cheerswoody

Woody is the only character on this list that joined his show late after the tragic death of Coach, his introduction is perfect and he works with the rest of the cast with his simple mind in the quick witted bar environment. He never takes anything said too serious and the deadpan delivery of the lines which get all the laughs.

2. Dr Perry Cox – Scrubscox

Dr Cox is the reluctant mentor to JD who is one of the most sarcastic characters you will ever see in sitcom, he has a serious job and uses his comments to help him through the everyday life. He is also involved in the most serious episode which will bring a tear to your eye too.

1.       Niles Crane – Frasierniles

Niles is the brother of Frasier who is also a therapist that has a wife we never meet and only hear about her quirks. He falls instantly in love with Daphne which leads to the funniest moments in the show when he hears different lines and his own silent moments steal the show in this sitcom.



4 comments on “Top 5 Favourite Supporting Sitcom Characters

  1. Nice list. 3 out of 5 were related to Cheers. The other two I didn’t watch much of. I think out of all the ones you mentioned though, my favorite would have to be Woody Harrelson. My hasn’t he been in a lot of different roles since then! As I recall through his filmography he usually plays a jerk.

  2. Ah, character wise you are correct. I was thinking how the 3 shows had Cheers connections. Goes to show it was a great series, it started a lot of careers and other shows looking back it seems.

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