2016 Watched List Part 22

2016 Watched List

I did a watched list last year and now I have decided to make a slight twist on it all, I will continue to do a list of the order I watched them all but I will also rank the 10 films from worst to best. So here is the list, what do you think and how do you rate this films.

Here is 211 – 220

1.       Midnight Special

2.       Flight 1942

3.       Aladdin

4.       Hail Caesar!

5.       Dead Air

6.       The Transporter

7.       The Transporter 2

8.       The Transporter 3

9.       The Transporter Refuelled

10.   Dane Granger

This is how I rate these films from worst to best.

10) Transporter 3 transporter 2 It would be fair to say this was the franchise killer for the Statham side of the films.
9) Flight 1942 flight 1942 This was a clever concept about a plane that finds themselves in World War II.
8) Dead Air dead air Remember Pontypool, well this is another version of that story.
7) Hail Caesar! casting card Quirky Coen Brothers Comedy that I just don’t enjoy as much as others.
6) Transporter cating card The birth of Jason Statham in the action leading man role.
5) Dane Granger dane Romantic thriller showing the reality of relationships effects on people involved.
4) Transporter 2 castnig card Improved sequel and the best of the Statham series.
3) Transporter Refuelled transporter This reboot actually feels more complete than the original series with a more rounded story.
2) Aladdin charactr card Disney classic, need I say more?
1) Midnight Special casting card Modern day sci-fi classic


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