What is Whiteout Really About?

What is Whiteout Really About?whitoeout

This is a fun look at the film and I can assure you there will be plenty of The Thing references.

This film is based on a graphic novel, well I never knew that and now you do too.graphic novel

Starts in 1957 well here is your back story to make this films event happen before The Thing just to trick you into think something else stole the idea.go back

Horny Russians (I think) drinking and being pervs well I guess you need a villainous look for the characters.russians

Back stabbing leading to plane crash that is so CGI I feel like I am watching a video game open sequences.back stabbing

These men were never seen again because they find themselves buried in a snow grave.snow grave

Present day time Antarctica I am guessing this location changed name over the time.anartica

Spiral shot of the airport looks like a nice touch.nice touch

I didn’t need to see all those naked men running around in the snow.didnt need to see

We follow Kate Beckinsale making her entrance because why would you not follow her?kate one

Also this base looks much small on the outside.dont judg

Kate Beckinsale having a shower is enough to make me think this could be the highlight of the film.shower scene

Tom Skerritt in a film that could involve an alien in a confined space, where have we heard this before?tm skerritt alien

Lead character is tired of their job and about to quit cliché.last day s

Explain the whiteout concept and how dangerous it all is.explaination

Old man young man jokes well this works for a fun scene while searching for a dead body on the ice.age jokes

New term for dead body a ‘Sticker’.

God Damn Flash Backs.god dam flashbacks

Party time with the Australian being the instigator in the drinking, well that isn’t stereotyping too much.aussies

The set of injuries that can’t be explained, MYSTERY.cant explain

Come to me for the truth oh and the impending storm is coming a lot earlier that first though cliché.storms coming

Instant water freezing on now abandoned base well you know this is a mystery film.instant freeze

Masked killer well this just makes us wonder who the killer is, well in fact we have only met 4 characters so not many suspects really and Carrie is under attack so that takes her out too.masked killer

New character arrives to take over, but why is he there DUM DUM DUM.dum dum dum

Follow the clues with this unusual group of mystery solvers.follow clues

Carrie is saying everything the camera points at just in case we didn’t see it ourselves.captain obvious

Captain America reference about a plane crash in the Antarctica and yes I am aware that he was frozen in the Article circle.captain america

Blow ourselves up to escape, well why the hell not?bad escape plan

Let’s take the fingers of our main character to show her becoming more vulnerable.finger scene

The killer is revealed to be someone we know, well I hate to say it but I told you so.ttold you so

Small crew gets left behind to finish the job but will find themselves stuck there for long term future if they succeed.left behindd

This snow storm because very difficult to see what is happening which I understand because the characters are just as stuck too but first person would have made this scene amazing.cant see

Terrible CGI death.terrible cgi

Time for a twist, well this is a graphic novel that needs to keep rolling on.twsit extention

All this for diamonds well shit I thought this was based on aliens and shit.diamonds

Going out the way he always wanted, well that is getting very anti-climactic.anti climax

Look I was right Kate Beckinsale in the shower was the highlight of the film.shower scene









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