Strangerland (2015)

Strangerland is available in the UK on DVD from 4th July 2016.


Director: Kim Farrant

Writer: Michael Kinirons, Fiona Seres (Screenplay) Fiona Seres (Story)

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Joseph Fiennes, Hugo Weaving, Lisa Flanagan, Meyne Wyatt, Maddison Brown, Nicholas Hamilton, Jim Russell, Sean Keenan


Plot: A family finds their dull life in a rural outback town rocked after their two teenage children disappear into the desert, sparking disturbing rumors of their past.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Dark Thriller


Story: Strangerland starts by introducing us to our leading family Catherine (Kidman), Matthew (Fiennes), Lily (Brown) and Tom (Hamilton) living in rural outback in a dull existence because of something that has led them there from their past.

When Lily and Tom go missing the family’s past gets dug up yet again as they have to turn to Sheriff Rae (Weaving) to search desperately through the desert back drop surrounding the small town.couple

Strangerland is a film that tackles many difficult subjects surrounding the main story while we do get plenty of the missing children angle but it is the moments from the family’s past that really shines through. We see how the subjects get handled with care being it nature of the Lily character. We do get to see similar elements that were used in the Prisoners with the settings changed for too hot but it is also unfair to say it is just the same, we do get the father who would rather react before learning the truth but the mother is a lot stronger.


Actor Review


Nicole Kidman: Catherine is the mother of the family who has accepted the change in the family life to escape from the past. Once her children go missing she wants to go to all lengths to find out where they are as we see the relationship with her husband get stretch further than before. Nicole gives one of her best performance in years in this role.

Joseph Fiennes: Matthew is the father of the family and the town’s pharmacist, he hates the new life the family has to leave as you can see how it has pushed him away from Catherine. When the children go missing he knows who is to blame showing how he has started to reach the end of his acceptance of his daughter’s ways. Joseph is great in this role showing the full range of emotions through the film.

Hugo Weaving: Rae is the sheriff leading the investigation into searching for the missing children, he has to treat the situation like any other but the past does make him look down avenues from the family’s past. Being part of the community he doesn’t want to get any of the local incriminated in this case. Hugo is great in this role where he goes against his normal villainous roles.

Support Cast: Strangerland has a lesser known supporting cast that all excel next to the bigger names. Each member of the supporting cast feels like they are naturally from within this small town community.

Director Review: Kim FarrantKim give us a drama thriller that could easily be put on a par with Prisoners and Gone Baby Gone.


Thriller: Strangerland keeps us on edge waiting with the family for news on what happened to their kids, we are just waiting for the next twist in the story.

Settings: Strangerland keeps nearly the whole film within the desert like small down, give us wonderful shots as well as dragging us into the desperation the family are searching for.
Special Effects
: Strangerland only uses the special effects for the dream sequences and the dust storm, they are work very well with the story.

Suggestion: Strangerland is one I would suggest watching, the tension and family dynamic keep you on edge throughout. (Watch)


Best Part: The performances are all top level from everyone involved.

Worst Part: Some of the slang words are not understandable unless you know them.


Believability: The elements of this story could all be a real story.

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No

Similar Too: Prisoners and Gone Baby Gone.


Oscar Chances: No

Budget: $10 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 52 Minutes


Overall: Brilliant tension filled thriller




Opinion Battles Round 12 – Favourite Chris Evans Role

Opinion Battles Round 12

Favourite Chris Evans Role

Chris Evans is your current Captain America, he has been involved in 7 comic book adaptations in his career to date but between these roles he has also taken his chances at a range of different genres. Today we will be picking our favourite roles but which one do you think it the best?

If you want to take part in later rounds on Opinion Battles the next round will be ALIEN BASED FILM so any film with an alien in a major involvement in the story. the entries will be needed by 26th June 2016 and email your choices to

Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Mace – Sunshine mace

Mace is on the crew of the Icarus II with the last of Earth resources to reignite the dying sun. Mace is the engineer who brings his military side opinions the too mission with does make him clash with scientific mind Capa. The highlight for this character is that you do forget that it is Evans in this role as we don’t need to look at his body which a lot of his roles are one of the main parts of his roles. I also like how that however heated the arguments get Mace is willing to take a step back knowing violence wouldn’t solve his issues.

Kim – Tranquil Dreams

Colin Shea – What’s Your Numbercolin


I love me some Captain America all the time and Chris Evans does a great job but if I was going to choose a Chris Evans night, it wouldn’t be without What’s Your Number. The movie itself is cliche like any romantic comedy but Colin is one of those guys that just emits all sorts of chemistry.  Okay, his shirtless basketball sessions can’t hurt as well but man, this movie is what made me love Chris Evans..what more can I say?


Drew – Drew’s Movie Reviews

Steve Rogers / Captain Americacaptain


When it was first announced that Chris Evans was going to play Steve Rogers, I was skeptical. I had him in my head as Johnny Storm, the goofball of the Fantastic Four.  Rogers is a very different character from Storm and I wasn’t sure if he was able to make the transition.  I could not have been more wrong.  He was good in Captain America: The First Avengers but he really grew into the character in The Avengers and really established that he is Captain America in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  By the timeCaptain America: Civil War came around earlier this year, I could think of very few actors who would have been able to grow and improve the role with each outing the way Evans has. Evans has truly embraced the role and given us the best version of the character he can, which is why Steve Rogers is my favorite Chris Evans character.

Daniel – Dellens 456

Captain America captain america

I have to go with Captain America. I know for a fact that everyone else will go with Captain America but I don’t care. I love the MCU and only because of him. He plays the character with such heart and emotion and this is the role people remember him for and for good reason.


Rachel – 54 Disney Reviews

Captain America


I feel like it is such a cliche to say Chris Evans best role is Captain America but I’d be lying if I said differently. I think the best movie with Captain America is The Avengers but his best performance as Cap is Captain America; Civil War. I’ve always responded to themes of friendship and loyalty in film and in Civil War Steve is faced with tests of his friendship with Bucky and Tony, which are very interesting. He wants to help Tony but he can’t do it at giving up his agency. It pains him to see Tony in pain especially towards the end. You also find out that Cap has been holding something back from Tony out of friendship and Tony’s devastation at this is devastating for Cap.  On the other side, you see Cap’s relationship with Bucky and how he is going to fight for his friend no matter what. This is the last human being that shares a common backstory with him and he can’t give that up. I think he see’s Bucky as having nobody to fight for him and so he must do it. I think Chris Evans plays all of these notes very well. You feel he has a real relationship with all of these people that are fighting and it makes Civil War work so well.  In addition, he’s great in the action scenes and even gets in a little romance! So, Captain America: Civil War is my favorite Chris Evans performance!


Damien Riley – Riley Central

Nick Vaughn – Before We Go

before we g

I really enjoyed Chris Evans’ role in “Before We Go” because it showed a deeper, more soulful side of him than his catalog of Avengers films. He showed he can be self-effacing in a “Boy Meets Girl” film without the bombastic playboy superhero front. There are times in the film when his character Nick is chasing Alice and other times when he is pensive and rejected. Sometimes you suspect him to be living on the streets, trying to assist Alice from a purely unselfish motive. Other times, you see his game but there is a tenderness given to the role that draws you in with empathy toward him. While I like the Captain America role, this & role allows Evans to stretch out and show a more vulnerable side.


Emma – Emma Explains It All

Mace – Sunshine mace

This was an easy choice for me. Not only is Sunshine one of my favourite films, but I absolutely loved the character of Mace who throughout the film proves himself to be resourceful, heroic and the voice of reason. Anyone familiar with the story will know that the crew’s mission – to reignite the sun and save the earth from dying – is devastated when the crew make a well-informed (yet wrong) decision to divert from their assignment to attempt the rescue of a stranded ship. Mace is against this idea from the beginning and may be portrayed a little brutishly at first, but is soon proven to be correct and definitely one the bravest, strongest characters in the film.


Cinema Parrot Disco

Captain America

 captain america

To be honest, my actual favorite Chris Evans MOVIE is Sunshine. I also quite liked Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. But Captain America is certainly his best character by far & what he’ll most be remembered for. He’s not an actor I ever really noticed until he played that superhero & I think he was the perfect choice with his All-American looks. So. Yeah. That’s my answer – no need to further elaborate! 😉

S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason

Steve Rogers


When it comes to Chris Evans roles, is there really any doubt? He may have been the reckless Human Torch in the first two Fantastic Four films, but he found surely his most famous role as Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger. While he’s gone on to be great in other Marvel films, Evans really shone in his first turn as Cap, playing both the digitally reduced pipsqueak Steve and his true muscular super-soldier self. In both, Evans plays Rogers with a truly earnest spirit of patriotism, honor, and decency, and since these traits are the exact opposite of his Human Torch, it proved what a great actor Evans is. I’m sure Evans has a long career ahead of him, but it won’t be easy finding a role to match his Marvel persona.

J – Film & Nuance

Captain Americacaptain

Captain America. This is the only role I know that Chris Evans has starred in and its probably his best. The purity and incorruptible symbol that is Captain America. Embodied and personified by Chris Evans,this is going to be the role that should springboard him to bigger roles outside Marvel.

Rob – Movie Rob

Captain Americacaptain america

This is actually quite an easy choice, Chris Evans is superb as Captain America.


Evans is able to embody what Captain America stands for, he has the best motivations for everything he does; he is the epitome of being an all-around ‘good guy’ who will sacrifice everything to do what is right.


His patriotism and heroism makes him someone we can all aspire to be like.


Not many actors could achieve what he has done with the character in all of his appearances in the MCU.