What is The Grudge (2004) Really About?

What is The Grudge (2004) Really About?casting card

This is as always is just a fun look at the film.

In a world crying out for a remake of a stand out Asian Horror movie we get Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Grudge.buffy

Bill Pullman kills himself to open the film after reading the first draft of Independence Day 2 script.i day 2

Like all horror films we meet an innocent young character to get killed off with the first scare of the film before introducing us to a new plucky hero.disposable

I wouldn’t go crawling around the crawl space of a random house if I heard a noise, I would just get the fuck out.run

Random American couple are the only ones that will get haunted in the film set in Japan.odd one out

Breaking into a stranger’s house, well that can’t be bad especially when you are talking English while enter with the film set in JAPAN.wrong law

A book the meows well ok there is a cat with a creepy kid there too but still wouldn’t it have been great I she just found the book and thought nothing more from this event.noises

Book fills in gaps as ghost does some good background haunting and Buffy shows off about the same amount of Japanese as myself.background haunting

The smoke monster from Lost got Lost itself finding itself in the house in Japan to make Buffy Cry.smoke monster

Flashback time great I forgot about this.flashback

House viewing because we need to know why the family moved into this house where the real-estate agent knows it is haunted.haunted house

Speaking of the Smoke Monster from Lost there is Ethan from Lost starting a job in Japan, could it be for the Dharma Initiative.dharam

Evil kid trashes house then kills two people before cleaning up and putting the old lady back to bed, well you know you can’t have a party without cleaning up.eil kid

Oooo we are back to normal time now with Karen’s boss finding her shivering in the corner must be releases she isn’t made for horror films.found you

Missing person case is now open and bodies are turning up everywhere and even pieces of them.

Karen wakes up in a hospital and all I can think is.proclaimers

We get to learn the truth about the house.truth hurts

That fucking creepy ass sound that will haunt my nightmares for years to come.grugdge noise

Whenever I hear a phone ring I expect someone to say you will die in Seven Days because The Ring.7 ays

Ghosts steal handbags nowadays, well why not they scare people enough.stairway ghost

The Johnny Depp Horror movie death because it is time to scare you.depp death

Suggestive nudity of lead actress in a horror movie cliché with hand growing out of head.shower scene

Well we found out where that jaw was meant to go in possibly the best shot of the movie.missing jaw

When the cop looks freak out you know you have no chance of making it out of this film alive.freaked out

Research because studying is the coolest part of a film and we want to know why the former President killed himself and the ghost business.president

More back story as we learn that the President was in fact being stalked by a former student, oh come on finish one side of the story before jumping back.backstory again

Strange rooftop meeting with police officer who gives us the Grudge speech which I am pretty sure we had to read in the opening of the film but filler.remember

Murder, no mobile phones random boyfriend goes to haunted house even after reading research, maybe he should be the blonde with the big tits and no brain.blondes

Buffy gets to live through the moment that leads to the start of the ghostly activities finding the murdered bodies while creepily following the former President around the house.answers

Stalker alert because hi I just met you and this is crazy well here’s my number so call me maybe? Shit no mobile phones in this world.call me maybe

The money shot crawling down the stairs, easily one of the great horror scenes with the creaking bones and noise she makes.stairway scene 2

Buffy the Firestarter ends up living after burning the house down.firstarter

One final scare because horror and sequel needs to happen.jump scare



6 comments on “What is The Grudge (2004) Really About?

  1. HILARIOUS!!!! You really know every trick in teh book when it comes to horror movies lol! Loved the opener line as well, I read in the Trailer Guy Voice “in a world calling out for a remake of a stand out Asian film…”

  2. This was very entertaining to read., I like the moment when Karen wakes up in the hospital.. I have never seen this version and have only seen the original JU-ON. That voice is still creepy and yet a good way to get solicitors off my porch

    • Thanks, This is actually a solid enough remake as it is the same director, the only real difference to the story is changing the main characters to American keeping everything else Japanese at heart

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