What is The Hitcher (2007) Really About?

What is The Hitcher (2007) Really About?casting card

This is just for fun and will be complete spoiler filled.

Starts with terrible CGI Hare getting run over to creates a shock moment.terrible cgi

Sean Bean is in this movie, well at least we know one person will die.bean dies

All American Rejects song to show that we are going to follow to normal annoying college students on a road trip.college students

The film actually puts a pee break in the opening credits and it is slightly creepy that you know your girlfriend’s I need a pee face.pee breka 1

Second CGI animal killed by car.terrible cgi

Highway rain scene nearly causes accident when stranger stood in the middle of road.rain

I want to help, don’t do it he is stranger cliché used in horror once more.whipped

Sean Bean’s angry face because shit just got real.angry face

No Signal cliché.no signal

I swear the screenwriters couldn’t think of anything for Grace to say other than ‘I need to pee’.bad writing

Do we have a generation of screenwriters that loved Grease who love using the term Pussy Wagon.pussy wagon 2

Second chance to help turns into a car travel of life and death.2nd chance

They are heading to a town called Tatum, I feel like this could be a road trip to Channing Tatum’s house.channing

Dream sequence, well this couldn’t get more clichéd if it tried.dream seqeunce 4

Sean Bean playing peekaboo in the back of the car ahead.peekaboooo

Karma now our characters are the hitchers needing a ride.karma

We tried to warn you, but did you listen NO.warned

Sean Bean looks like he is enjoying this more than he should be.happy bean

Girls drives into the diner and has to waits for instructions when it is pretty clear she needs to go into the building to called the FUCKING POLICE AND AMBULANCE.instuction

Wrongfully imprisoned but playing the long game of You’re Been Framed.framed

Awkward car chase with stunt work going on here.awkward car cahse

Sean Bean is auditioning to be in Death Race 4.deaht race

Breaking into a motel, is this now turning into Vacancy?vacany

Shower scene because we need to see the leading lady suggestively naked in a horror film.suggestivly naked

I’ll be back cliché.baccck

This is the highlight of the film with the truck splitting scene.truck scene

The Great Escape Bean Style.great escape

Slow motion explosion walks away.exploion

Sean Bean Died, well they got one thing right.sean bean dies



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